June 2009

Your letter is a confused mishmash of statements. On the one hand you claim to be an agnostic, yet on the other hand you defend Roman Catholicism and its baby, Sinn Fein/IRA. You should examine your professed agnosticism, for at heart you are far more Papist than you care to admit. May the Lord yet humble you, to see your desperate need of Christ the Saviour. He is revealed in the Bible you claim to know so well, but which you clearly are still very ignorant of. Seek the Lord while He may be found, repent of your sins and receive Christ by faith alone! – Shaun Willcock

Greetings to you from the land of Pakistan. I have great pleasure to be able to tell you that surfing the internet I found your website where I learnt a little bit about the Christian religion. I belong to the Hindu religion but I have great interest to learn about Christianity, therefore I am writing this email to you in the hope that you will help me to learn more about the Christian faith. If possible please send me some helpful material that can lead me to learn more. Thank you very much for your help and I hope that I have not given you too much trouble.


I have just listened to your tapes on the Christian Sabbath, again I have found out that what I have been taught is contrary to Scripture! I thank the Lord that He has opened my eyes on many matters through your ministry!

Northern Ireland

We are grateful that the Lord in His providence has placed you in our path, and… we are reminded of the urgent and pressing need in our day for faithful Gospel Ministries. I do believe there are many more like us who will be forced to literally go “outside the camp” (Heb. 13:13) due to circumstances beyond their control. So many of the churches/denominations formed during the Reformation have slid down the “slippery slope” spoken of in Spurgeon’s day. By the doctrines and practices they are adopting, they give evidence they are no longer biblically sound. Many too have succumbed to the false Ecumenical spirit promoted by Rome…

United States

Please send me your newsletter. Great strength to you and thanks for all the info over the years in my Christian walk.

Uncertain, probably South Africa (email)