June 2009

Now with your political/terrorist(freedom fighters) false connecting with the RC church is very, very misleading in spite of quotations from Avro Manhattan. You are a bunch of self righteous, pompous bigots polluting the minds of the somewhat easily led, brainwashing people and creating hate – which is contrary to the teachings of Christ. I’m not gonna quote the bible to justify my opinion as when it really all boils down the views you express are twisted, and based on hate and secondly using God’s supposed word to justify it all without real foundation other than an interpretation.

Know this – Sinn Fein is here to stay, there will be a United Ireland at some point and take your rhetoric and express it to the mindless thugs that have murdered an innocent catholic in Coleraine, something you could look into your black hearts and maybe see that your type of hateful rhetoric allows these murderers to have some excuse and justification. You may not condone murder but they themselves (the murderers) believe in the papist paranoia that freaks like yourselves express without actual fact. They themselves too possibly agree in the most hateful rhetoric against catholics. Learn real Irish history, learn real scientific fact and stop with your hidden agenda of the need for power – something the RC church is good at and you too wished you had (envy is a sin) the 1.2 billion followers can’t be wrong (democratically speaking) instead of your wee cult that would be lucky to have 100 followers. Sad, sad, sad.

Uncertain, probably Ireland (email)

(Our reply)

You say you are “concerned” about our real motives. As by your own admission you are an agnostic, it is most peculiar that you would then profess to be so “concerned” about our motives. Why should it concern you since you by definition should not care? Why should it bother you that we expose Roman Catholicism?

You claim to know that what we stand for and proclaim is “contrary to the teachings of Christ.” Yet you add that you are not going to quote the Bible to justify your opinion. That is good, because that’s just what it is – your own opinion, nothing more, and the Bible does not support your opinion in the least. Man’s opinions are worthless, all that matters is what the Lord God Almighty has said in His Word.

You say the Roman Catholic institution is not Marxist. I have not said it was. What I have said is that Roman Catholicism has allied itself to Marxism to achieve its own objectives. You are not aware of the fact that in addition to atheistic Marxism, there is religious Marxism. This has been in existence for many decades now. Multitudes of religious people are Marxists. Atheistic Marxism does not hold the appeal that religious Marxism does. The teaching of “liberation theology” is nothing else but religious Marxism.

No true Christian would ever condone the murder of anyone, including the murder of Roman Catholics. If a Protestant murders a Papist, this is murder just as much as if a Papist murders a Protestant.

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