June 2009

I have received the package [of free literature] in today’s mail. Thanks so very much for your sacrifice and kindness in shouldering the expenses for postage and handling for the package to reach into my hand for research, study and reference. Allow me to express my heartfelt thanks for your commitment and dedication in contending for the faith which was delivered unto us for our salvation and edification.

86% of Philippines’ population are Roman Catholics. I was once a Roman Catholic for some 13 years but was saved by our great God and Savior Jesus Christ. I thanked God that He purposely crossed our paths with Brother Shaun Willcock whose burden is to snatch Roman Catholics from the entanglement of Rome’s fold of deception, lies, fraud, satanic and pagan doctrines.

I do appreciate The Sabbath and the Lord’s Day book for Bro. Shaun has carefully and lucidly developed a line of proofs which makes a significant contribution to the understanding of this controversy which runs across the centuries. The book is logical in its thoughts, scholarly in its presentation and will be profitable for all who will study and understand its invaluable contents. The book Satan’s Seat is a well-researched and well-written treatise…. Surely God has directed in this work coming to fruition for such a time as this. May God continue to bless you, your family and your ministries. Thanks so very much.


Thankful for all that I have learnt through your ministry, Shaun. May many more eyes and hearts be opened to the truth.

South Africa

Thank you very much for your care and understanding of our situation. As a matter of fact your books are full of information and biblical truth.

Myanmar (previously Burma)

From reading your statements in your website and many claims made without foundation – real foundation, I am concerned about your real motives. Yeah I’m sure you could tie up some biblical quote to justify and seemingly come across as though every word printed is fact.

From an independent view – I am agnostic, the RC church is not marxist as marxism’s foundation is atheism, the PIRA [Provisional Irish Republican Army] were never marxist, that in fact was the IPLA a breakaway group of the INLA. Perhaps the Official IRA had links to marxism and they gave up violence to which workers party is linked to.

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