June 2009

3. His criticism of the biblical doctrines of Predestination and Election: his objections are answered in the very pamphlets of mine which he appears to have read, namely, “Predestination”, “The Doctrines of Grace”, and “The Duty of All Men to repent and Believe the Gospel”; and I have fully covered these objections in my recorded sermons as well. And thus there is no need to go into any detail in this letter, in refuting him, for I would simply be re-stating what he has already rejected. At this point it would be casting pearls before swine, and would be very time-consuming and to no profit, for he is not listening: he has his own opinion, his own doctrine, and he is so convinced of it that he states it emphatically in his letter. His arguments are not new, and certainly not unique, they are the same old arguments used by all Arminians, that have been sufficiently answered, in detail, by countless Gospel ministers through the centuries, as well as by myself. But he is not open to instruction from God’s Word at this time, and won’t be unless and until the Lord grants him repentance. – Shaun Willcock

I like your new column on “humbug” [History Without the Humbug]. Life can be discouraging when we experience evil as good and good as evil. Your ministry is so much about revealing God through the inspired word and this is an extension of that.

United States

Your ministry means a lot to us as always. Even though we have never met you we know from the teaching we have received from you that you are doing the LORD’S work according to the Bible…. May the good LORD keep you and bless the good work you are doing.

South Africa

In your recent article entitled Rome Still Kills Protestants! the unchanged face of Rome is incontrovertibly documented by the chilling and factual accounts you give of the brutal attacks carried out by blinded and deceived Roman Catholic inspired zealots against Protestants in recent years, most notably in Mexico…

Though, as you have pointed out, many Protestants have been cunningly deceived as well by the “great whore’s” (Rev. 17) more subtle tactic of false “ecumenical” unbiblical unity, your revealing report of open persecution of our Christian brethren is just as much in view in our day, as Rome aggressively and mercilessly wields her two-pronged attack on those who oppose her. Your article serves as a solemn reminder that the “Roman Catholic Church” continues to relentlessly wage “war with the saints” (Rev. 13:7), and of the real and present nature of the spiritual battle to which we as Christians are called, as well as a reproof to those in the Protestant community who have foolishly let their guard down, and have been seduced by the lying, flattering words of the “MOTHER OF HARLOTS” (Rev. 7).

Yet I rejoice that the Lord has raised up in our day, a faithful watchman as yourself, who continues to expose the diabolical Roman Catholic institution for what it is, the very seat of Antichrist! Though the incidents you recount of merciless persecution inflicted on those that belong to the Lord were painful to read, it testifies to the intolerance, oppression and persecution that have been the very mark of the Romish whore throughout her existence and continues to this day. May God grant grace to our persecuted brethren in these lands that they may be strengthened and enabled to “overcome them by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony” (Rev. 12:11), and to us if the time should come that we should be so tried.

United States