June 2009

According to him, most of the world is utterly and eternally doomed without an inkling of hope. However, some (a very small chosen group) are going to, coz God has made it so. Therefore, there is utterly no hope for the (depraved) even though it is still their duty to try and turn to God, understanding it is impossible to anyway, contrary to scripture saying Jesus tasted death for EVERY man.

Please consider these vital points I have made and take them before the Lord? Your brother in Christ.

South Africa

(Our reply)

1. He is absolutely incorrect in stating that “Scripture is clear that no way can a man of God ask for money.” It is the duty of Christians to support those in the ministry financially; and they can certainly make their needs known. The following Scriptures are plain enough: 1 Cor. 9:1-18; 2 Cor. 8 and 9; Gal. 6:6; Phil. 4:10-19; 1 Tim. 5:17,18. As for the Scriptures he gave: Psa. 37:25 has nothing to do with the subject, for it is applicable to ALL Christians, whether in the ministry or not. The Lord takes care of His people. A true Christian must trust the Lord for his needs, certainly, but he is still to go out and work, and he then fully expects his employer to pay him his salary every month, and he would not hesitate to go and ask for it if it wasn’t paid. And a Gospel minister is to be supported by other Christians, and can make his needs known when necessary. As for Prov. 23:23, this means obtain the Gospel truth at any cost, and don’t part with it for anything. It has nothing to do with the financial support of Gospel ministers.

As for Matt. 10:8: it is very true that when preaching the Gospel to the lost, the unconverted, this should be done freely. Christians are to financially support the preachers, but they should not take money from the unconverted for their labours. Our form letter, “Facts About Bible Based Ministries” (which is also published in our catalogue), states: “It is the duty of preachers to preach the Gospel to the lost freely. For this reason we proclaim the Gospel to the Roman Catholic people and others freely, and provide Gospel materials freely to them. However, as it is the duty and privilege of Christians to support the preaching of the Gospel as they are able, we make the needs of the ministry known, thus informing those who may wish to support us, of how they may do so; and if they can afford to purchase the materials (the prices of which are kept as low as possible), they are requested to do so.” And: “Many believers are unable, for various reasons, to purchase the materials; and for this reason, materials are supplied free of charge, whenever possible, to such people; but to do this, help is needed from Christians who are able to supply for them.” We have given away, and continue to give away, books, CDs, etc., free of charge to people who cannot afford them, all over the world. Nor do we make any profit on what we sell, but merely recoup the cost of having the books published, which is very expensive.

2. This man denies the biblical doctrine of the Trinity, and is thus not a true Christian at all. Biblically, he is a heretic (2 John 9). He calls himself “Your brother in Christ”, but the “Christ” he follows is not the Christ of God. It is not just a case of him being ignorant of the truth to some extent; he is strongly opposed to it, hates it, and has stated his own heretical teaching in its place.

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