June 2009

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Glorious article on the Lord Jesus Christ! [our pamphlet entitled The Lord Jesus Christ]. Will mail to others and refer them to your website as well. I give thanks to God for you and may you be found blameless on Christ’s return.

South Africa

I will pray for Christians in South Africa and your ministry. I found your article on Racial Hatred for Whites and Historical Distortion interesting. Many liberals in the West only talk of the problems caused by colonialism, but never talk about the massive benefits it brought.

The European press unfortunately puts apartheid South Africa on the same level as Nazi Germany. What the press fails to mention is that, while apartheid SA was not perfect, there was no starvation in South Africa under apartheid, religious freedom, people of all races had employment, and people were not killed due to their race (unlike in the other black-run African states) and there was a lot of immigration from other African countries during apartheid, due to the job opportunities.


We have recently acquired more of your sermons on CD. Just this past week as [we] gathered for fellowship in our home around His Word, we listened to your sermon entitled The Right Use of Spiritual Knowledge, preached on the text found in 1 Cor. 8:1-3. We were both truly blessed and profited by your exposition of this passage in Scripture. As you so rightly point out, there is a danger here to which the people of God must be warned, namely that of acquiring an intellectually cold and clinical knowledge of God and His Word and one that does not affect and warm the heart to Him and lead to a personal and intimate relationship with Him…. How wonderful to be able to say experimentally and with others who truly “know the Lord” that… “we love Him because He first loved us.” That said, even this must be rightly ascribed to the ongoing work of grace in us, for we know it is God which worketh in us to will and to do of His good pleasure! (Phil. 2:13). Your admonition was well-heeded and taken to heart!

United States

I received a response to your article [The Lord Jesus Christ] from someone on my mailing list – would you kindly comment on his email below. Grateful thanks.

Dear –

Is the author not selling the truth…. He is asking for money justifying he has a ministry in providing the truth to the Body. Scripture is clear that no way can a man of God ask for money … Ps 37:25, Pr 23:23, Mt 10:8.

The author of the article calls the Godhead “three divine persons” but says these three separate persons making up the one God are not three gods or three Gods. Please tell me how “three Divine Persons” does not equate to “three Gods”? Look up any dictionary and you will see divine persons is exactly the same as relating to or saying gods.

Secondly, the author is emphatic that people can’t ever be saved unless they have been pre-programmed by our Creator before creation came into existence. He makes it clear only a select certain people are made to be saved in other words, by one of his articles, and that they have no choice in the matter. Then on the very next article he says all men everywhere have a duty or have been commanded to repent. Now how contradictory can you get? Moreover, how can God be so mean and unreasonable (Is. 1:18)? According to him no one can repent unless he has been pre-made to, but at the same time they should, coz they have been commanded to. What nonsense and a distortion of the character and nature of our true one God! Why would our loving and personal Creator do this … make man with no free will then act as if He has made man with a free will? Or say, “you can’t be saved unless I have already made you to be saved but try and be saved anyway, even though it can never work!”