January 2015

  He writes: “It is as I said, they [“Willcock et al”] have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. It’s possible to dot all the ‘i’s’ and cross all the ‘t’s’ and be lost at the end.”  While I have to agree with him fully on the last part – it most certainly is possible, and in fact is true of multitudes – he implies that “Willcock et al” might be lost in the end, based on the fact that we “dot our i’s and cross our t’s” with regard to rejecting the observance of Christmas!  A strange leap to make.  The Scripture he quotes is Rom. 10:2.  Paul said this of unconverted Israel, who ignorantly acted contrary to the Word of God even while they thought they were doing God service.  It is then quite clear that he actually goes so far as to question the very salvation of those who reject Christmas!  Imagine: a person studies the Scriptures, sees that Christmas has no divine sanction there, rejects it – and in so doing he, in the judgment of – –, just might be lost!  And why? – because he loves the Lord and does not want to be guilty of adding to, or taking away from, God’s Word!

  What he calls “legalistic and pharisaical nonsense” is nothing but the truth of God’s Word.  Thanks be unto God for delivering us from the celebration of this pagan and Popish festival, which is an abomination to the Lord.

  Joyfully one of the “insignificant” ones, of no account

  Shaun Willcock


  The Lord has (over the last few years), opened our eyes to all the pagan aspects of Christmas, and we thank Him for that.  We also used to be Roman Catholic, and in His mercy He brought us out from that diabolical system.  I used to think Christmas was all ok, but have to confess I still struggle with dealing with it.

  Our Church says it’s ok to keep “Christmas” as long as we don’t lie about Santa, and that we use the time to promote Christ, Carol outreach services etc., and they have a Christmas day service.  They say it is about exercising Christian liberty, as long as we are not a stumbling block to other brothers and sisters and are sensitive to them.  We don’t use it as a time to “party”, eat excessively or drink lots of alcohol.  I send cards but don’t put “happy Christmas”, they are blank, and I use them for a gospel message or tract.  Each year, I am more and more conscious that I don’t want to do anything that would be displeasing to God.

I [received this from] a Christian lady who attends our church:

  “How many of our non Christian friends… will think that Christians are complete crackpots….  What a dreadful witness!  Immanuel … God with us!  THAT, and only that should focus our whole thinking about Christmas.  It is a time to remember the most amazing sacrifice that God gave us in Jesus Christ as we celebrate the gift of His birth with our eyes firmly fixed on Easter!…”

  I get confused when this happens – Christians who try and say anything against “Christmas” get so much flack.  How is the best way to respond when “other Christians” say these things, that we are to use it as a time to evangelise?  Do they have a point?


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