January 2015

  4. Rev. 2:10: the same.  And there are many similar exhortations throughout the Bible.  It’s true that the true Christian will be faithful unto death; but even so, such exhortations to be faithful are very needed, to stir him up, to encourage him in his Christian pilgrimage through life.

  5. Yes, absolutely, this is the doctrine of God’s Word.  Once a person is in Christ he is in Him forever.  On this the Scriptures are clear, e.g. Jn. 10:27-29.  This is the only logical conclusion when the doctrine of election is true.  If the Lord has elected some to obtain salvation by Jesus Christ (and He has), then He will keep those chosen ones their whole lives long.  I am attaching another of my pamphlets, which goes into the doctrines of grace in more detail than the one you received. – Shaun Willcock

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