January 2010

All the churches around here, being mainly Arminian, keep it, of course, and think we are really “extreme”.  Even the Strict Baptist churches around the country, who are the most biblical, have a service on that day.

United Kingdom

We believe [Satan’s Seat] is the best book we have ever read about Roman Catholicism – it is very sharp and to the point.   May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.

United Kingdom

Thank you once again for another well-written and precise article that correctly exposes the Papacy’s Communistic agenda and its ardent push to establish global governance… Thank you for once again sounding the alarm to the true Church of Jesus Christ about what’s going on regarding the Papacy.

United States

Your ministry is very precious.  There are not many who will speak and write as you do, and we find we are one with you.

How any true Christian cannot see the falsity of Xmas, I just do not know!  Anything which the world loves, alone should tell us, without even having all the truths disclosed.  The Lord’s people are intended by God to be so different, and we are, by His free grace.


I’d like to subscribe to your mailing list, and I thank the Lord for stumbling across this tremendous website.  This is one of the very few websites I’ve found with which I totally agree.  May God bless you forever.

Unknown (by email)

Shaun, the Lord has laid it upon my heart to share with you some of my thoughts in response to a particular letter e-mailed to you, received from someone you believe to be from N.I., and posted in your most recent “Letters to Bible Based Ministries” [Postbox and Inbox, June 2009].

First, I would take exception to the comment that reads: From reading your statements in your website and many claims made without foundation  – real foundation, I am concerned about your real motives.