January 2010

Your article on the Irish priests was so disturbing.  Even though we’ve read so much about the horrors of that wicked fraternity, each new story is just as shocking.  It is really amazing how many Roman Catholics see the wickedness of that institution, but would never consider leaving its ranks.  What a hold it has on their hearts and minds…

I’m not sure if you saw/watched the article or video I had sent that is circulating now that Obama is the Antichrist.  It’s all the rage over here!  And also, that Antichrist is a Muslim.  It seems that once an old story (Futurism’s long-held stories) has become stale, Satan comes up with something quite novel to get people’s interest.  Anything to divert them from the truth.  Did you know [according to Futurists] Gog and Magog are now the Muslim countries?  Next they will say Gog and Magog are Israel herself!

United States

I wanted to thank you and let you know of my joy in reading your latest writing, concerning the King James Version of the Bible [The Incomparable King James Version].  I do not understand how translations can read so differently without believers being concerned to the point of investigation.  It truly speaks volumes of the lack of importance the church places on the inspiration of the Word of God.  This is one debate which has seemingly set patterns regarding denominations.  A church can seem so very correct on a majority of issues and fall flat on the translation and/or Greek text issues.  While at the same time another can seem so very wrong on countless doctrines, and yet sees clearly the absurdity of the modern translation dilemma.  Then as you have so correctly stated, there yet remains the crowd to complicate the issue further by making the claim that the KJV is superior to the Greek text.  There are no bounds of deceit coming from the enemy during our day, or so it seems.  At any rate it is much appreciated that you have spent the time to remind your readers that this important issue is still a concern.  Let us pray that many who have not been challenged concerning this issue, will be so, because of your efforts.

United States

Just received your document on the pope’s bid for domination of this world.  Very interesting, may we all be ready and armed against that day and even now, as we see ever increasing persecutions taking place, in the UK now too.

Let us pray, that if persecuted, it may be a shining testimony to God’s grace in us.

United Kingdom

Thank you, dear brother, for this reminder [of the availability of the book, The Pagan Festivals of Christmas and Easter], and we are very glad to think that more Christians are seeing the falseness of Xmas.  I do not even like to use the word “Christ-mass” because it is such an abomination.

We were blessed by seeing it early in our Christian lives, and have not had anything to do with it since about 1985, when it was so confirmed to us.  It does cut one off completely from any family, but so be it.  I wrote a letter to our children explaining why we do not keep it, but there was no response.

We gave one of your books concerning these festivals to a dear brother [who] is a preacher going around all the churches, and is sovereign grace.  He admitted that he had been deceived all these years.

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