January 2010

Thank you, I have received the tapes [CDs] safely and have listened to them all.  I have absolutely no doubt now that Alberto Rivera was a fraud, especially after hearing him “preach”, but also with all the evidence which you and Mr. Blanton gave.  Your exposé of Billy Graham too was very good; you got to the roots of it.  So many people think, as I used to, that he was genuine at the beginning but has just gone wrong.  He has said some even more outlandish things since you did the message in 1991, as you probably know, which prove that he cannot be a real Christian.

United Kingdom

I just dropped this email to let you know that I have already received the book Trappings of Popery… another very informative and scholarly book about the blunders and evil systems of Roman Catholicism.  It is a must for every true Christian in today’s world of theological confusion, hypocritical creeds, moral decay and chaos…


Your CD about the situation in Northern Ireland is still in demand today.  Recently, one hundred copies have been requested to be sent to Australia.

Northern Ireland

The events surrounding the cemetery in N. Ireland [see the news article entitled A Mass Grave of Babies and the Lie of “Limbo”, available on the Bible Based Ministries website] brought to me a sad reminder of life in Malta.  An “unconsecrated” land adjacent the cemetery was used to bury the unbaptised and the excommunicated and the interdicted political opponents.  It was called MIZBLA – literally rubbish-dump.  Even famous writers and poets were buried in it.

A sadder reminder is that Rome teaches that the ritual of baptism, in its many guises, is an essential means of salvation.

Yet sadder is the doctrine of Limbo.  This is not the opinion of “some mediaeval scholars” as stated in the recent pontification.  This was fixed in the Apostles’ Creed thus: “He descended into Limbo” (nizel fil-Limbu).  The truth is “…into Hell” (f”l-iNfern)…  I can only conclude that I, and generations of “the faithful” have been woefully misled by this anti-Christ doctrine.  I am not able to thank the Lord enough for delivering me from this hellish doctrine of Rome.