January 2010

It is troubling reading some of the emails (the ones opposing the Word of God) you receive, yet it is assuring reading the replies you make to them.  Providing the replies for all to see and read at their leisure is a welcomed gesture.  Thank you.

United States

I have received your books and tracts.  Thank you so much.  It is what I need. I found the truth in it…. In Myanmar most churches are liberal (Baptist, Anglican, Methodist), Roman Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist, and Charismatic.

Myanmar (formerly Burma)

All this talk about popery and all that, failing to mention the evangelicals/pentecostals who are racists i.e. Alan Campbell and this British Israel theory. Care to maybe balance your finger pointing?  I am a born again christian and I feel there are misguided christians everywhere, would it be correct to say that whilst we can point out the wrong-doing of Catholics what about our fellow brethren?  Maybe ourselves?  Being holier than thou is one thing but our message must be used to advance and encourage Catholics not entrench them to stay divided from us, we are all God’s children and this site wouldn’t fulfill me with confidence or encourage me to be born again if I were a Roman Catholic.

Unknown (by email)

(Our Reply)

If you looked more closely at our website, you would see that we speak out against a great many errors, false doctrines, false practices, etc., including those sometimes held to, or practiced, even by true Christians.  The “British Israelite” theory is certainly a false doctrine.  However, no single Christian ministry can hope to cover every single false doctrine that is out there; and there are many who also are called by the Lord to a particular field.  For example, if a missionary was called to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in Mexico or Italy, his focus would be on Roman Catholicism far more than on, say, “British Israelism”.  Likewise, too, there are ministries directed more particularly at exposing Islam, or the cults, or something else; do you write to them as well, and call on them to “balance their finger pointing”?  You need to look far more closely at our website.

Why do you feel the need to come to the defence of the Roman Catholic institution?  Could it be because you believe (as you write) that they are merely “misguided christians”?  The ecumenical movement has duped so many into viewing Roman Catholics as fellow-Christians, even though the errors of Rome reveal it to be a cult no less than the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, or anyone else.  In fact, it is the largest cult of all.  You write that we should “not entrench them [Roman Catholics] to stay divided from us”.  The fact is, Sir, that Roman Catholics are not true Christians, and the division between them and true Christians is a God-created division.  It is as stark as day and night.  True Christians are commanded, by the Lord, to remain separate from Roman Catholics and all other false “christians” in matters of faith and worship (2 Cor. 6:14-18; Rev. 18:4,5; etc.).  It is not the duty of any true Christian to seek to be united with Roman Catholics, but rather to expose the religion for what it is: an entirely false religion that is no more Christian than Hinduism or Buddhism. – Shaun Willcock

Bro. Shaun, I really appreciate your mailings and teachings from the bottom of my heart and won’t stop praying for you and the ministry to which God has called you.