February 2021

Correspondence February 2021, PDF format

Our purpose in publishing a sampling of the correspondence we have received, in the words of Arthur W. Pink:

“…the time has again arrived for us to indicate to our loyal supporters before the Throne of Grace something of the manner and extent to which the Hearer of prayer has been pleased to grant their requests.”

“Our object in compiling this…feature is to evoke praise and thanksgiving on the part of those who are most deeply interested in this work, by quoting excerpts from some of the letters at hand telling of help and blessing received, under God…”

“Our purpose…is to evoke praise unto the Lord, that in this cloudy and dark day He is still ministering to His own, giving seed to the Sower, and then blessing the same unto the eater.  We know not why the mighty God should condescend to use one so feeble and unworthy; sufficient for us that He is pleased to do so.  Our longing is to be used more widely, in sending ‘portions’ to a large number of Christ’s scattered and hungry sheep.  Will you not pray more definitely, dear reader, that this may be so; and that God will graciously fit and furnish the writer.”

Your article [on the Coronavirus and the lockdown] is right on.  We have been saying from the start, “This was no accident!””  But people will give up all freedoms for perceived “safety”….  Such an excellent summary of these times.

We have a little store of basics, for which we thank the Lord (He is our Provider!) and yes, we need to be sensible.  Some of the Prosperity heretics are trying to make money out of this crisis.  May the Lord stop their greed as they rob their duped followers.

Thank you dear Shaun for your work for the Lord.


From the first 2 pages I’ve read [of one of the articles on the Coronavirus and the lockdown], I think you’ve hit the nail on the head – as usual.

Northern Ireland

What an excellent article [on the Coronavirus and the lockdown] exposing the powers that be terrorizing the world.  It’s unsettling to see what’s going on in the world and here in America.  The wool was pulled over Trump’s eyes, then suddenly he stepped out making a plan to put people back to work and the powers that be are deriding him in every way, trying to make him out to be insensitive to human life.

I can’t imagine being without the comfort of the Lord in the scriptures in these troubling times (Rom. 8:28; 1 Cor. 15:55).  There is such great hope for His people as we are mere pilgrims looking for the dawning of a new day.  We were so looking to you dear brother to give us your take, your Christian world view on these evil times we find ourselves.  You have never ceased to stand up for truth, unlike the masses.

United States

Excellent, excellent article [one of the articles on the Coronavirus and the lockdown].  You have hit the nail on the head.  “Frightened people are foolish people.” – so true!  They will believe anything they hear on TV and social media without using reason or logic at all!  Nor do people know or appreciate history. To them, the world is just the here and now, and nothing came before.  There’s nothing to learn from the past or from people much wiser than themselves.

I love how your government is going to protect you all from ‘deliberately endangering yourselves’.  Yes, the fake news angle is extremely powerful.  The globalists have complete control over all social media and what’s on regular TV.  People are so accustomed to getting all of their ‘news’ from these sources that they believe every moronic thing they’re told.  We truly live in an age of stupidity and laziness of mind.  And good ‘alternative media’ is constantly lambasted as being fake news.  Yes, let the Marxists/Communists tell you what is the truth.  Forget about Mao and Stalin killing upwards of 120 million of their own people. Forget about Che and Castro in Cuba murdering tens of thousands. Forget about the Papacy (the what?) murdering 60 millions.  We are truly under a world dictatorship.

The last part of your article was such a blessing!  We need to keep our eyes on our Lord Jesus Christ and trust him in all of this, as in all things.  I’ve been thinking about how, in all things and at all times, we need to glorify the Lord.  We can’t glorify him and worry at the same time.  We should be a light and salt in the world and this is a perfect time. Except that we can’t be around anyone! ha

May our Lord bless you for your ministry efforts – in edifying and encouraging his saints.  May all of our hearts swell with love for our Savior and with faith in him.  You are all in our prayers.

United States

By God’s grace and wisdom, you’ve done it again.  You’ve nailed it – (as they say) – in your latest article [on the Coronavirus and the lockdown].  Your article lays out beautifully exactly what’s going on; and what our proper response (as Christians) should be.  Sadly, many (particularly those who profess to be Christians) refuse to see the truth and have instead swallowed the State’s lies, manipulation and fearmongering – lock, stock and barrel.

America is getting a first-hand taste of the evils of socialism – where the real “equality” is how equally miserable we all are.  We’re experiencing an out-of-control medical police state, scarcity of resources, unprecedented unemployment, denial of due process, capricious and arbitrary orders with unbridled discretion, curfews and attacks on: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, right to peaceably assemble, right to petition government for a redress of grievances, rights of due process, and security in personal property, etc., etc.

Even the State of Texas (where I live) which once held itself up as the champion of limited government and a stalwart of conservatism has caved to this Marxist takeover.  Our governor and our mayor are ruling like despots, by issuing one unconstitutional mandate after the next…. Equally heartbreaking is dealing with people who refuse to connect the dots – who refuse to do even a little bit of rational thinking for themselves. They believe all of these draconian measures are all about safety and preserving health.

United States

Thank you so much for both of your very timely and extremely helpful articles: No, the Coronavirus is Not a Judgment-Plague from God, and The Christian Response to the Coronavirus Lockdowns.  Wow!  Talk about “a word spoken in due season, how good is it!” (Proverbs 15:23).  Amen!

Yes, indeed, as believers we are called to pray “without ceasing,” to seek the Lord, to grow in grace through His Word and to eschew the mindset of the world and its lies – especially in these tremendously dark days.  What has grieved me the most (regarding this COVID-19 propaganda and manufactured hysteria by the State) is how those calling themselves Christians have responded.  I have witnessed professing believers treating other believers as if suddenly we are now all dirty, contaminated, dangerous-microbe carrying criminals – just because the State says so.  No evidence.  No proof.  No effort by these individuals to do any independent or alternative research – where the truth and facts are out there.  With these people it’s just “the State says so” – and now everything has to be turned completely upside down and inside out – in the name of “health and safety.”  Such utter hogwash!  It has been heart-breaking to see the outright gullibility and ignorance of these professing Christians.  Plus, to hear the crazy theories completely devoid of any kind of Scriptural foundation has been equally heartbreaking.  Lots of seeds of confusion and corruption, no doubt have been sown.

Nevertheless, for those of us with eyes to see, your advice is certainly correct.  Our proper response should be: fervent prayer; study God’s Word; walk by faith (2 Corinthians 5:7); “Be careful for nothing” (Philippians 4:6-8); learn contentment, peace and patience; definitely turn from idols and make the necessary physical and earthly preparations.  Your words are deeply edifying and we need to pray for God’s grace and strength in carrying this out.

Lastly, thank you for pointing out that the State does NOT have the right to keep a man from his livelihood or keep families apart or forbidding individuals to assemble for worship.  Sadly, there are professing Christians that have defended the evil State in these unlawful actions.  What incredible times.  We need God’s wisdom and mercy.  Thank you for the reminder and for the encouragement to the believer to seek the Lord.  For truly: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” (Psalm 46:1).  Amen!

United States

Your article was excellent [No, the Coronavirus is Not a Judgment-Plague from God]!  It seemed to me as though God was handing man over to his ways. Man was so ripe for this fall. Thank you for the clarification on the distinct difference in judgements and judgement plagues.

United States

There’s a church plant in Kenya and the pastor has all your books and has been very encouraged.  I am in the Bible discussion group with them weekly and sending articles from Bible Based Ministries.  I have been thoroughly edified with all the books and material from the ministry and it’s been a blessing to support as the Lord wills.  The book of Revelation has been a blessing to study and complete.  And going through the notes time and again.

Excited with the book in print on Coronavirus.  God be with you and the family in the defence of the Gospel, as not many are found in these days.

South Africa

We really enjoyed your last article on Francis’ pagan worship of earth and nature [Francis’ Folly: The Coronavirus is Earth Throwing a Tantrum].

United States

Yesterday’s article [Francis’ Folly: The Coronavirus is Earth Throwing a Tantrum] was an excellent presentation!  Thank you, so TRUE!

Country unknown (by email)

You’ve written some fantastic articles lately, particularly the two about the virus and the last one about the pope [Francis’ Folly: The Coronavirus is Earth Throwing a Tantrum].  May the Lord bless you and your family.

Northern Ireland

I have appreciated your articles on this unprecedented manmade situation we find ourselves in and the almost complete absence of any dissenting voices even amongst Christians, i.e. to the official narrative.  The way we’ve been suddenly stripped of our most basic freedoms and the ‘longterm’ measures implemented overnight indicates an agenda at play.  I couldn’t help but be reminded of your commentaries on Revelation 17 and 18 on the fall of mystery Babylon, ‘with violence’.  Straight away they were talking in terms of a year.  This is not how you would deal with a genuine crisis, in fact we would be none the wiser as was the case in previous years of much higher than average seasonal flu deaths.  I know that the Papacy is at the apex of this world system but the way things are going [the world system] is in danger of total collapse.  Even if everything were to open up again now people’s behaviour would be a huge issue.  The overnight imposition of stay at home orders and access to only basic necessities has been met with overwhelming compliance.

We all sense that the return of the Lord cannot be far away, but the fall of mystery Babylon has yet to take place.


Thank you, brother Shaun, for your sound and very helpful advice at this perilous time [of the lockdowns].


 Thank you for your excellent article on this coronavirus hype….  I notice President Trump is surrounded (I’m sure he is unaware of this seeing he is an unbeliever) with Jesuits.  Fauci, a Jesuit, has been described as more Catholic than the pope.  Kavanagh also was trained in a Jesuit college, and W. Barr also is heavily tainted with Jesuitism, and I’m sure there are many others.

You are right about the Futurists having another field day, and as before, when they are proved wrong they will not return to apologize.


Yesterday, we downloaded all of your Book of Revelation MP3s, Matthew 24 and Daniel. These will be our Bible Study recordings.  Thank you for your tireless work for the Lord’s Truth, in this time of rampant Futurism.

We placed your tract on Antichrist on the blog a couple of days ago.  Such a concise and excellent summary!…

We have [your] eBook [The Sabbath and the Lord’s Day], which is unraveling the confusion. We have been through the whole gambit of Sunday Sabbath, mostly from Reformed Baptists… Picking vegetables or fruit from one’s garden was considered to be “harvesting!”  Crazy!

The MP3s on Daniel/Matt 24/Revelation are wonderful and you have brought the Scriptures to life.  We have NEVER had this teaching laid out in the Historicist view…

God bless you over there and we remember you all in prayer.


A very major issue affecting people’s thoughts on prophecy is the position of Israel, and other prophetical interpretation is easily dismissed as being antisemitic.  It is so sad that a vast amount of Scripture is twisted or ignored. I find myself wondering what effect all this false teaching has on those who are passionate about it, the events they claim to believe are such fiction, and they even sound like that too, not at all sober and Biblical…

Conspiracy theories and false prophecy sell so many books and magazines, and must be quite a money spinner for those who are watching every event, trying to fit it into their scheme of things.

I’m just so thankful for your ministry, may the Lord continue to bless and prosper faithful witness in these challenging times.


Your article on Rome, the Jesuits, and the Black Lives Matter Communist Revolution is outstanding.  America has fallen from within through liberal Marxist Communists bred through decades in our educational system, and in worldly denominations with their social programs.

United States

It is remarkable how discerning you are with matters entwining biblical precepts and current events.  Your assessment [Rome, the Jesuits, and the Black Lives Matter Communist Revolution] is sobering and likely we will experience this.  It is a multifaceted event and the level of blindness is beyond belief.  You have warned for what now? – 30 years.  Literally we are being torn apart in many levels.  You stand tall in all you have done and God has given you the strength to do it… and it was not easy for you for all of these years.

United States

I enjoy reading the truth and believe with all my heart that your ministry endeavours to proclaim truth no matter who may be offended.  I have been following your ministry for a number of years now, and I am so glad I do.  May God richly bless you.


Your ministry is a rich source of spiritual blessings to my soul through which I am greatly blessed.  Your sermons and Bible studies alike afford me so much comfort and encouragement.  Your study entitled Between Death and the Resurrection was especially a word in season to me.  Thank you!

United States

We’ve just finished listening to your series on Fellowship between Christians and Churches. It was incisive and loaded chock full of good instruction for how to approach fellowshipping with other churches, for daily living and so much more.


I do not listen to the mainstream media.  The truth is I find that it is much more profitable to my never-dying soul to listen to your Bible studies.  I have presently progressed in your study of the book of Revelation to Chapter 10 (the Reformation) and what an encouragement these studies are to me, especially, as you say, when we understand where we are in God’s timeline and know that soon “time will be no more”.  Thank you for opening up these prophecies to me…

I thank you for the detailed explanation you give in these studies of the historical events that have taken place in God’s timeline and those yet to come.  Your careful explanation of why God has allowed the “mystery of iniquity”, the papal antichrist to hold sway over all these centuries was most helpful, I have often wondered about that myself.

United States

Your article The English South African is excellent.  The USA is rapidly following the same path as the fall there [in South Africa], and “whites” are targeted daily…

United States

Nice history article [The English South African]. Thanks for writing it…

United States

I thought you want to know that I was greatly blessed by your sermon entitled: A Tender Twig Planted on a High Mountain, which you preached on Ezekiel 17:22-24.  This sermon was a most profitable spiritual exercise to my mind, and one that deeply affected my heart.  Your careful and studied exposition of this obscure prophecy was most instructive.  The historical context of when the prophet gave it afforded much light to the passage, as was your explanation of who the two eagles represented.  Thank you for opening up these verses to my understanding.

As you have shown, the metaphor of Christ as a “tender one”, is found in many other passages in the Bible using similar language….  He is KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS and his Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom.  What the Lord GOD hath planted none can pluck up!

How deep and profound is God’s Word.  How good God is in giving His people the Holy Spirit that we might understand the “deep things of God.” (1 Cor. 2:10)

How good God is in giving His people pastors and teachers after His own heart to feed them with knowledge and understanding.  (Jer. 3:15)

How beautiful is the imagery used to describe Christ and His church here.

Thank you for your labours in the Word.  Your ministry is truly a labour of love, through which I am richly blessed.

United States

You have warned for years.  You have extensive history of all the operations of the Marxists.  I have to admit that I am surprised that it is like they just flipped on the light and behind the scenes everything was in place, seemingly all low level mayors and governors etc. were complicit for a long time.  We are already in world slavery and people do not even know it.  The thing is that we will not see 2021 without drastic changes for the worse without God delivering us.

United States

Thanks for the diligent effort to continue in the ministry in horrible days all over world.  You and your ministry are significant to more than you are aware of.  You are steadfast without compromise under duress.  Your sermons are so good because of your great effort to divide the Word.

United States

I have just finished part one of your book “Holy War” in South Africa.  It is a marvelous work.  Your pastoral commentary on the sovereignty of God is so needed in an otherwise depressing history.  Your concern for your people and Africa is also noteworthy.

I read it also as a possible preview of things to come in my own land.

Let us pray for the Lord’s will to be done and for Antichrist to be stymied in both our lands.

United States

I am in the beginning of part 2 [of “Holy War” against South Africa, by Shaun Willcock] and just read about the WCC (and Vatican) initial collaboration with the Communist rebels.

Firstly, many of the things you say echo what I am seeing even in my local area.  We even have an eyewitness report of BLM/Antifa thugs deliberately setting forest fires.

Secondly, you started to answer my question about how Rome changed tack from opposing to supporting Communism (post WWII, Vatican II, John XXIII, Paul VI).

Apart from historical curiosity, the reason this question also interests me is that we not only have Pope Francis who is a Communist sympathizer (if not loyal comrade), but he is also “in bed” with the globalists (WEF, UN, Soros)…

Your last chapter in the book will be of keen interest once I get there!  Thank you again for your valuable work in the harvest of the Lord.  We in the States have much to learn from the brethren in South Africa.

United States

You have no idea what a privilege and joy it is to be able to do some small thing to help such a Biblical and faithful ministry.  We do live in truly challenging times, with the “camp of the saints” under attack, which seems to increase constantly, but praise our glorious sovereign God, our times are in His hand, may our light shine by grace more brightly in the increasing darkness.

I often think of Pilgrim at the house of the Interpreter, in “Pilgrim’s Progress”, he sees a fire with one pouring water upon it to put it out, but it burned the more brightly, and Pilgrim wondering at this, is taken to the back of the fire where One pours oil on the fire, which keeps it strongly burning.

Premillennialism seems like a “plague” that affects so many churches, and it’s hard to understand, because it seems so obviously false for so many reasons, may the Lord be pleased to open the eyes of some of the otherwise faithful ministry who just don’t get it, because it affects the true understanding of so much Scripture, not just the prophetical passages.

Thank you dear Shaun for the encouragement and joy your ministry is to me.


Your ministry is so rich in spiritual blessings to my soul.  I thank the Lord for directing me to it so many years ago.  At present I am listening to your study on the Book of Ruth.  It is such a lovely book, and as you say so full of Christ, the “altogether lovely One.”

United States

I wanted to take a few minutes to let you to know that I was pleasantly surprised to receive your [pamphlet] The Cleft of the Rock when I opened my email yesterday.  As a matter of fact, I selected this very sermon for my Thursday Fellowship with the Lord this week (1 John 1:3), so this passage of Scripture was very much on my mind.

This [sermon of yours in MP3 format] is a most beloved sermon of mine, which I have listened to on several occasions…. How often I have asked the Lord to “speak comfortably to my soul”, and this sermon is truly an answer to that prayer.  When I’m feeling depressed in spirit, sad and lonely, fearful or insecure, I have found this sermon to be a word in season to my weary soul, and through grace, I am able to rise above my present grief:  “a word spoken in due season, how good is it!” (Prov. 15:23).

I cannot thank you enough for providing me with a transcript of this sermon, which has been so great a source of comfort, encouragement and strength to my soul.  May God be pleased to add His blessing to your ministry and grant fresh encouragements to you in your labour in the Lord.

United States

That was a perceptive article [Trump and Biden: Courting the Roman Catholic Vote].  Thank you for writing and sharing it.  Actually, 7 of 9 Supreme Court justices (assuming Barrett is confirmed) have Catholic education (if you count the liberal Episcopalian Gorsuch).  All 3 of Trump’s nominees have Catholic education.

Your delineation of the liberal/conservative Catholic is noteworthy.  When you throw in Pope Francis’s declared support of homosexual unions in his new documentary Francesco, it exposes truth and the potential opportunity for evangelism.

Roman Catholic doctrine is a house infested with termites.  It has no fundamental basis to stand because it relies on fallible, capricious human opinion and rejects the eternal truth of God.  Francis and the divide illustrate this perfectly.  Francis alarming Catholic conservatives is an opportunity to show them it is not just a bad or heretical Pope.  Rather, it is God exposing Rome as a house of cards.  The Catholic needs direct salvation from Christ alone on His eternal, unchangeable Word alone.  Otherwise, the Catholic remains lost and alienated from God.

United States

Your ministry has been a great encouragement to me in this ‘desert place’ in Cornwall.

Cornwall, UK

Just a quick note to say thank you for this article [The Jesuit Pope Endorses Same-Sex “Civil Unions”].  It being lengthy (necessarily) and being busy (albeit for the Lord) it took me 2 sittings to read it.  I thank the Lord I did for it is yet another illuminating piece in the jig-saw of deceptions.  These surely are the last of the end times and these disclosures help those with eyes to watch and ears to hear to be led in spirit and in truth.

Thank you again!  May the Lord continue to establish, and bless, the work of your hands.

United Kingdom

Thank you once more for your ongoing ministry through these excellent articles which focus on the Whore of Babylon.  So rare these days and greatly appreciated.

But I must comment also to show appreciation for the layout and font size.  Easy to read and minimum amount of printing needed.  Therefore, suitable for circulating electronically or by hand.

May the Most High enable and equip you to continue this work for His glory and the exposing of all evil works.  May He continue to prosper the work of His hands in you.

All blessings in Him to you and yours.


I’ve just been reading your excellent article The Jesuits Ecstatic Over the Fraudulent Biden Victory.  America might well look back on Trump in a few years and wish they had him back, even with his imperfections.

Your book “Holy War” Against South Africa is still a blueprint for how the Left are doing things.  I watch with sorrow as The Cult of Nicola Sturgeon is fooling them all, “clergy” included.  Nevertheless, they are following how it was done in South Africa.  Here in Northern Ireland don’t be fooled – Arlene Foster is no use either.  A former solicitor (like so many of them), she reminds me of De Klerk.  Then there’s Boris and his girlfriend – she’s the one pulling the strings I reckon!

Northern Ireland

Many thanks for this article [The COVID-19 “Second Wave”: Stop Panicking, Christian!], much needed, yet I fear a world taken captive by the Devil at his will, will not hear, even though they cannot hear with a God-given ear to hear, yet it is still because they will not hear the message.  The Lord declares the “whole world lieth in the wicked one.”  If given the eyes to see, and the ears to hear (Prov. 20: 12) it is plain to be seen the rise of the great anti-Christ system of Rome.  America is now firmly in the control of the Vatican, the first thing Biden did was attend the mass, and seven of the nine top judges in America are now Papists.

The spiritually dead Protestant world do not now believe the Pope is THE Antichrist, yet the evidence of Scripture which we see now fulfilling in the world, is full proof that he is.

It is obvious from Scripture that the Lord Jesus Christ only and properly had the offices of Prophet, Priest, and King, offices unto which by God’s ordinance men were anointed: Melchisedec was both a king and a priest, Gen. 14: 18.  David was both a king and a prophet, 2 Sam. 23: 2.  Ezekiel was both prophet and priest, Ezek. 1: 3.  But never was there any whom God anointed to all these three offices, but only our Saviour, as the God-man Mediator; Deut. 18:18; Zech. 6: 13; 9: 9; Mark 13: 23.

We must conclude then every Pope that ever was, or ever shall be, is the Antichrist – the false prophet, false priest, and false king!  The Pope, as I am sure you are well aware, when he speaks ex cathedra (that is from his throne as the head of the false church) what he says is infallible, above Scripture – which is a blasphemous lie, therefore he is the false prophet! When he forgives sins as in the celebration of the unbloody sacrifice of the mass, he shows himself to be a false priest, for only God can forgive sins, as it is written, “Why doth this man thus speak blasphemies? who can forgive sins but God only?”  His speaking lies in hypocrisy is shown to be, “after the working of Satan with all power and signs in lying wonders;” therefore he is Antichrist.

And at his coronation of three crowns he is declared to be, “father of princes and kings of the world, vicar of our Lord Jesus Christ on earth, to him be the honour and glory for ever and ever;” here he is the false king..

My friend forgive the ramble but there is very few I can express my views on this subject, may the Lord bless your ministry, I know He will.


Please unsubscribe me from your email list. I cannot countenance your praise of Donald Trump and your perpetuation of the lie that the election was fraudulent. This is blatant misinformation. Thank you.

Country unknown (by email)

(Our Reply)

I will do as you asked.  However, you are clearly not reading my writings properly, or you would see what I have written about Trump in the past.  As for the election being fraudulent, only the wilfully blind or those deceived by the mainstream media would believe it was free and fair.  The misinformation, Sir, is all on your side.  That one professing to be a Christian could be so blind is truly sad.

I do not believe Trump is a Christian in any sense and have said so repeatedly in what I have written about him.  I also do not believe that everything he did was right during his time in office.  Furthermore, he has lived an immoral life.  But as a leader, he (just like certain leaders mentioned in the Bible) was far better for America and the world than Biden will or could ever be.  He is an anti-Communist, which is excellent, but sadly he did not see through the even greater lie and danger of Roman Catholicism, and failed to discern what Rome was doing against the United States.

Shaun Willcock

Thank you for this excellent article [Darkness Descending: The Fall of America in the Wake of the Fraudulent 2020 “Election”] which is 100% truth – we don’t need to be in the dark anymore, we can see clearly now what happened and thank you for reminding us that this world is not our home and that we are only pilgrims here.  Bless you for taking the time to draw up this article, I am surely blessed by it and am going to share with many other people.

South Africa

I started reading your article about America fallen [Darkness Descending], and would like to send you the following articles in reply.  God is good and great and He has been working behind the scenes.  So do not trust what you see or read in the MSM press.

South Africa

(Our Reply)

As is all too obvious by now, the authors of the articles you sent me got it spectacularly wrong and were misleading their readers.  Trump is no longer president and the Communists now run the White House.  Those are the facts.  As for trusting the mainstream press, this is something I never do and any reading of my writings would reveal this.  But there is another danger as well, which is the danger of trusting what one reads in many foolish “alternative media” reports such as the ones whose links you sent me.  Statements are made without any proof.  They too are telling lies.  The internet is full of outlandish theories and crazy claims.  It has to be used with extreme caution.

Yes, God is good and great and works at all times behind the scenes.  But it was not His will for Trump to remain in office at this time.  America is not the equivalent of the true Church of God, and the sovereign Lord is building His Church – not America.  This must be the focus and prayerful interest of every true Christian.

Shaun Willcock

I just read your powerful article entitled Darkness Descending: The Fall of America in the Wake of the Fraudulent 2020 “Election” that details with precision what has recently transpired in our country.  That fact that true Christians are “strangers and pilgrims on the earth” is a truth that has been largely ignored and/or obscured by many so-called ministers of the gospel in our day.  Instead of preaching the glorious gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they use their pulpits to espouse a political gospel.  Instead of exhorting their flock to repent and believe the gospel, they encourage activism.  Instead of separation from the world, they encourage friendship with the world. Instead of being guided by the Word of God, they seek to adapt to the world’s norms!  You won’t hear any sermons in these churches preached on John 15:18-19; John 17:14-17; Rom. 12:1-2; James 4:4; 1 John 2:15-17.  Instead, their members are encouraged by their pastors to mix with and blend in with those of a worldly spirit…

But as you say, “True Christians are strangers and pilgrims on the earth (1 Pet. 2:11). Their first and foremost concern should always be the state of the true Church: its growth, its spread, its pastors, its flocks, the necessity of separation from the world, and – as far as its involvement with the world is concerned – the evangelisation of the lost.”

Presently on Thursday evenings I’m going through your sermon/bible study series on the Song of Solomon, heeding both the warnings/reproofs and comforts found therein.  On the Lord’s day, I am listening to your sermons on The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for faithfully proclaiming the whole counsel of God, for watching over and warning the flock of God, for being “set for the defence of the gospel”; for “”earnestly contending for the faith once delivered unto the  saints”,  and for preaching sound doctrine and the wholesome words of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Jeremiah 3:15 : “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”  May God be pleased to add the increase to your preaching, and grant fresh encouragements to you as well, that you may know your labours are not in vain in the Lord.

United States

That was a good and prescient article on the fall of America [Darkness Descending].  It might indeed be the swan song.  I would also add under your list of sins atrocities against children from the highest levels of society.  Not only abortion, but trafficking, the transgender lie – and perhaps more ghastly spectacles.

The Reichstag is a very appropriate analogy to what is going on (and it is not just the Capitol – if you follow the left’s rhetoric prior to and after November, you can see the train is on the rails to expunge Christian belief from society – and believers).

United States

So happy and blessed to hear from you and thanks a lot for keeping on sending me these articles which inspire me so much.  Not only me, but also Christian leaders around me.  I do my best to translate into French and I pass on to others.  Thanks once more and best regards.

Democratic Republic of Congo

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