February 2020

I pray that through your work the Holy Spirit will lead many souls out of that religious bondage and into the timeless truth of the Gospel.  God bless you and may the Holy Spirit empower me to follow your example and witness fearlessly to my own family.  I will look forward to your response!


Thank you very much for the article on False Churches [Separation from False Churches].  I will use it to explain to the members of the deaf church in sign language.  God bless you.


Thank you for this uncompromising article on Separation [Separation from False Churches].  It really blessed me.  The Lord led you to cover everything and I was very glad for the inclusion of the Arminian churches, the pentecostal and charismatic churches and also those who have sinfully embraced the world.

Wanted to let you know this and may the Lord richly bless you for this faithfulness and the encouragement and help given thereby to the saints.  We thank the Lord for it and praise His glorious name.


You have done it again [the pamphlet Separation from False Churches]!  So much unhappiness with you and the ‘HATE’ you have for the Catholic Church!  Remember Shaun, Jesus loves you and me.  Regards to you, MAY YOUR GOD GO WITH YOU.

New Zealand

This is to humbly thank you for all these inspiring articles you keep on sending me.  May the Lord bless you all and the ministry.

 Democratic Republic of Congo

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