February 2020

In the past I used to hear often about J H Newman, that one day “he’ll be made a saint”!  Thanks for showing the wolf in sheep’s clothing [in the article Rome Triumphs Over Canterbury Again: John Henry Newman Made a “Saint”].


I’ve truly enjoyed the article on the KJV [The Incomparable King James Version].  I love the KJV, and despite opposition against it, I have never found another version to compare with it…. Thank you for sending this excellent study.  I enjoy them all very much.

Country unknown

I was very encouraged to see that you have written this booklet [The Pagan Festivals of Christmas and Easter]…. I do pray that people will be led to order your booklet and you will be in my prayers as I support you entirely.  In my experience sadly many Christians do not want to give these things up and so often they will not – and they have any number of excuses as you already will know.  In fact, those of the world seem to have a greater understanding in comparison that these celebrations are indeed pagan.   Yes, it can bring persecution as well, especially from our families who profess to be Christians.

It is very joyful for us few here in Cornwall and Devon, as the pagan season approaches, to thank and praise the Lord for His wonderful release from these things and the great sense of His purity and righteousness as these things surround us in the world particularly at this time.

Every blessing to you all.


I cannot tell you how invaluable your work, and that of some others, is to me in witnessing online.  I am so willing to share and circulate good material….  Thank you for your life and witness and gifts which you are so willing to share with others for the glory of God and the winning of souls….

I may be a worm, but I rejoice in such a high privilege.  My head is in the dust but my eyes are upon Jesus.  Working underground, out of sight, yet being part of preparing the ground for the good seed which others will plant.

May you go on in the strength of the Lord and may He strengthen the work of His hands in you.  May He be pleased to protect you and your family.  I rejoice in you at a throne of grace.

“And I said unto the nobles, and to the rulers, and to the rest of the people, The work is great and large, and we are separated upon the wall, one far from another” (Nehemiah 4:19).


Your article on the Vatican’s Amazonian Synod was a very interesting read.  Surely we live in momentous times – the suddenness and boldness of the changes Francis has done to the Catholic Church are incredible.  So much so that even his own supporters are turning against him!  Incredible.  There is confusion in the ranks.

But also, it’s awful to see such a powerful organisation turning to the eco-mania.  It’s a good move as it will get them a lot of power with secular Western nations, but it’s not good news for Christians as that’s how they will find opportunities to persecute us: through ‘ecological sins’ which will become ‘eco-crimes’ in Western nations.

Surely the end is nigh!


I am 72 years old.  For 40 of those years I was a Roman Catholic until the grace of a loving and merciful God led me out of it and set my feet on the narrow path to salvation.  In one of my previous newsletters on my ministry I spoke of the religious pride and indoctrination which Satan uses to hold people captive.  Nowhere is that more true than in Roman Catholicism in which most of my family are sadly still trapped.  In the bright light of biblical truth, Catholicism is clearly exposed as Satan’s greatest deception.  How else could a billion plus souls, led by an apostate pope, travel contentedly in spiritual darkness while being convinced that they walk in spiritual light.  Many thanks if you can provide and send me materials I can read that can uplift my hunger for the true Word of God and that will consistently proclaim the truth of God’s Word in clear, uncompromising terms.

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