February 2012

Your analysis and commentary are always timely and informative, and your recent article entitled The Whitewashing of Stepinac, Monster-Cardinal of Croatia was no exception….

This past week the subject of the Roman Catholic Croatian Massacre came up once again in connection with a [newspaper] article… and I had occasion to commend your article by way of an excerpt to those following the discussion.  I must say Shaun, I was ignorant of these matters myself until a couple of years ago, neither was I aware of the lengths that Rome goes to cover their tracks and effectively rewrite/whitewash history. But then as you say, they have the resources to run a very convincing public relations campaign to cover their tracks.  I’m certain they are even now in the process of doing so with respect to the clergy abuse scandal, but I don’t think that will prove nearly as effective, given the widespread media coverage of these matters across the globe.

United States

May God continue to bless and provide for needs of your ministry (Phil. 4:19).  Just keep up the good work… because it will never be in vain (1 Cor. 15:58; Gal. 6:9-10).


I had my second Bible (KJV) from Shaun Willcock in 1986 and I have read it to date.  I am now encouraging my church to use it as well as my loved ones.  May the Most High God bless his ministry and his life, as well as that of his loved ones abundantly beyond measure.


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