February 2012

…we have enjoyed the sermons on CD which we received recently, very instructive and edifying.

Northern Ireland

I really benefitted from the Samson series [of recorded sermons] – wow!  Such a lot of wonderful types in there, things that I had never considered at all before!  It was certainly an eye-opener and I benefitted greatly from it, so a big Thank You!  I was one of those people who thought of Samson as a very strong womanizer (albeit an Old Testament saint), so your messages really helped to show me so much more – praise God for such meat to feed on, and for one of his faithful ministers that strives to give us “hearty, ‘holesome, healthy” food – thank you.

I also found Aida Parker's Afrikaner article [The Long, Long Trek of the Afrikaners, published by Bible Based Ministries] very insightful and shared it with an Afrikaner friend (though don’t know if she opened the link and read it).  Thanks for that too.

And then I've been re-reading some of your books (The Pagan Festivals of Christmas and Easter, which I normally do at this time of year as people ask, as well as The Sabbath and the Lord’s Day) and have benefitted very much from those as well….  Your book really helped me to cement my understanding of it the very first time I read it, and these subsequent times too…. How sad that it is often what well-meaning/serious believers (or professing ones) will latch on to in their fervour to serve the Lord all the more!  How relevant the regulative principle must be in all that we attempt for God!


I’d like you to know that I was running for parliament [in South Africa] in 1994… and your book [The Pagan Festivals of Christmas and Easter] was one of the very few good experiences that came out of that.  Somebody pointed me to it…. Up till then I had been mucking about with religion, like millions of other lost souls in the apostate churches.  It really rattled me but it started me on the right path and for that I am truly grateful.  May the Lord strengthen you and your lone voice ministry.


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