February 2012

Came across your website by chance.  Found it very informative, glad to see there are still people contending for the faith once delivered unto the saints.

South Africa

I really enjoyed the short piece by Philpot [The Authorised Version pamphlet] and do not remember reading that before.  Thanks for sending it.  I remember reading a book years back on the lives of those involved in the King James Version and a little about who they were.   Philpot's first point just rung so true to me as it would just not be possible today to find people like that aside from all the other issues.  Philpot was just so true on all points.  Amazing really that so few of the words used in the KJV are not easily understood by us today which would probably not be true of many writings.  It is preserved by God and we should be thankful for that.

United States

We have received our order and are halfway through listening to the CDs on racial conflict [Racial Conflict and Christianity].  I have really learned a lot and find the truth liberating to me.

South Africa

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