February 2012

Shortly after my conversion, 50 years ago, my first Bible was the King James Bible.  I knew very little about the Bible and after my conversion the Holy Spirit literally opened up my understanding to God’s Word.  It wasn’t difficult to read and its literary style was absolutely beautiful.  Over these 50 years I’ve done all my memory work from this version and to this day by God’s wonderful grace I can still quote much of the Scripture I memorized.  The King James Bible is easy to memorize and easy to remember.  It says volumes in short sentences.  Thank you for this information.  I love this version and it’s been the one I’ve read and studied all these years…. I tried reading other versions and even as a young Christian they didn’t appeal to me at all; they just sat on the shelf.  When a so-called new version comes out there is always an appeal to purchase it and read it because it’s promoted as being easier to understand.  As a baby Christian somehow, by God’s grace, I knew that was not the truth.  When The Message came out the church my husband and I were attending went to great lengths to promote it.  I was incensed and we eventually left as they also adopted a seeker-sensitive approach to ministry.  God does lead His dear children along and protects them from error.  Thank you for rightly dividing the Word of truth and edifying the Church.

United States

Perhaps after reading this [the article The Long, Long Trek of the Afrikaners] I can now understand why “the Boer War” just about manages to get a mention in European and British history books.  The truth is certainly too woeful and too embarrassing  to remember and to contemplate.  If I fit within the collective folk consciousness all I knew of the Boer War was that it was “the war before The Great war”…. I doubt if more than one in ten people in England have ever heard of the Boer War.


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