December 2018

Feminism claims equality for men and women, but they do not do this and this is not their true agenda as you so ably pointed out [the article The Tragedy of Feminism].  The feminist movement when all the niceties are stripped away were nothing but a bunch of hooligans who destroyed buildings etc., just because they could not get their own way with regards the government with regards to the vote.  We’ve seen this kind of thing in Northern Ireland with Sinn Fein/IRA bombing and maiming just because they wanted a united Ireland.  The left wing, if left to their own devices will make shipwreck of our and other societies if we don’t wake up and present a biblical voice in the nation.  I’m sorry about those Christians who refuse to vote, they are making a major mistake.  Then Ian Paisley gave into them and we got the ‘Good Friday Agreement’ which was, as has been proved, not good at all.


Thanks so much for the article [The Tragedy of Feminism]. What a blessing to read it.

New Zealand

This is an excellent article [The Tragedy of Feminism].  We like how you’ve linked feminism with Marxism.  This is exactly what we’re seeing over here now.  All of the “social-justice evangelicals” here, who are Marxists in sheep’s clothing, are also trying to destroy the proper roles of men and women in the family and society.  They certainly go hand-in-hand.  Not to mention the gender perversions!  These wicked people are literally trying to remove any gender distinctions; they want us all to be a-sexual and therefore a-family.  I’ve seen videos of young women on the college campuses, or just on the street, and their behavior is abominable.  They act like beasts without any civility or restraint in their hatred and filthy mouths.  Younger women in our culture, for the most part, have no idea what femininity is.  I guess that now, only Christian women appreciate the wonderful way in which the Lord made the family.  What a tragedy it is that so many women reject this wonderful arrangement the Lord has made!  Women coming into the workplace in droves has been disastrous. That author, Levant, was spot on in her remarks about the emptiness and abject immorality of the lives of feminists.

We continue to pray for all of you there.  The world is collapsing in on its wicked self.  May our Lord give us all his peace and wisdom.

United States

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