December 2007

We are really enjoying the series [of recorded sermons] on Matthew chapter 24. We are half way through and each week only fills in more gaps and details.

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[We] appreciated this article [Radical Feminism: Women Enslaving Themselves in the Name of Liberation]. It’s very good. Very frightening too! It’s amazing how much the evils of feminism have crept into every aspect of society. I see it in myself at times and cringe. Then, of course, I repent!

United States

Someone commenting on an article at posted a link to this site [Bible Based Ministries’ site] so I followed it. Glad I did. The name for your site is very appropriate based on what I’ve seen so far. Please add me to your email list.

Email: country unknown

I have read your article entitled Radical Feminism. It is very well done and a much needed reminder for those who will listen. Like so many of the problems we inflict upon ourselves, this one will continue to destroy at will until, as you have rightly stated, Christ Jesus and His rule is once again sufficient for all of life.

I especially noted your good balance, as you took time to honor women and drew attention to their much needed realm. So often feminism is attacked leaving only one alternative, that opposite end of the spectrum that you spoke of which results in abuse, insults, arrogance and pride. It seems that balance that you speak of is so very illusive even in the church today…. your efforts are again… productive, and pleasingly glorifying to our dear Lord. For that I am pleased to call you my brother.

United States

First of all I would like to give warm Christian greetings to you, and all brethren of Bible Based Ministries, and I extend my thanks in the name of our Lord Jesus for the invaluable and wonderful gift [of materials]. I have learned a lot about the Holy Word and how I can come close to the Lord and learn how God wants us to live in this evil world and teach us His way and His will and how to obey Him.