December 2007

Truly our heart goes out to you and to all South Africans, black and white, who are suffering today at the hands of these cruel thugs bred by the perverse Marxist ANC government. May God continue to protect you.

Northern Ireland

I just finished reading your pamphlet, Are Some Roman Catholics Christians? And I praise God again that He has delivered me out of that system and it was just as you said, it took a little while, and nobody telling us, but we just couldn’t stay there anymore.

My question though, is that I always hear the warnings about Catholicism, but what about Eastern Orthodox (Greek Orthodox)? Do you have anything to say on this religion? I appreciate your input as your time permits.


In Reply:

Your question is a good one, and you are right – it seems that very little is said or written about the errors of the Eastern Orthodox institution. This is, I am sure, partly because, in the West, this religious institution is far smaller, numerically and in terms of influence, than the Roman Catholic institution…. The Eastern Orthodox religion is a false religion, it is not a true Christian Church, it is in fact essentially the same as Roman Catholicism in many of its major doctrines, although of course it does not recognise the Roman pope as its head, etc. It preaches a false “gospel” of salvation by works, it practices idolatry, etc., etc. Certainly, good Gospel literature pertaining to Roman Catholicism can be given to those within the Eastern Orthodox religion too, for many of their doctrines and practices mirror those of Popery. In fact, Rome itself likes to speak of “Orthodoxy” as a “sister church”, which says enough!

Shaun Willcock

Just want to thank you for your book, The Pagan Festivals of Christmas and Easter. A friend on the internet sent me a copy. I remember arguing with someone about Christmas. The person didn’t celebrate it at the time. I did. I did it up until last year. It was then that I came across ——– where they taught on this and other subjects. My eyes were opened. Since then I was sent your book. It exposed more of the truth about Christmas which tied in with other things that I read and heard. There was an inner witness that what you were saying is true when I read the scriptures.

Had no clue for many years that Christmas is a Roman holiday. In fact, I had no idea for years that Roman Catholicism was wrong…. One thing that I note in my salvation is the fact that the Lord opened my eyes to see Him. I didn’t make a choice to follow Him. He chose me and elected me from the very foundation of this world. Hallelujah!

… After reading Jeremiah 10, Deuteronomy 12, 2 Corinthians 6, Romans 12, I am convinced that what you and others are saying about Christmas is absolutely correct, especially given the facts of its origin and what God’s instructions are for such things.