December 2007

I have read a few of your articles and your objection to Roman Catholicism (perhaps even hatred of) is clearly made known to all readers. You seem to spend a great deal of time in attacking the RC. Many of your writings are based on incorrect assumptions. I suggest you pray sincerely to our Lord for healing, to rid you of the anger within, and to bring you peace. Hatred/anger is like a cancer that eats away at the heart with resulting consequences.


Thank you very much for your article [Sinn Fein/IRA Triumphant in Northern Ireland]. It has been a great help to me personally.

Northern Ireland

I cannot but express my sadness at your attack on Dr Paisley. He does not use lightness. He has been placed in an impossible position by the Government and done the one sensible thing. The alternative was to accept Dublin rule. The great majority in Northern Ireland are thankful for what he has done. Unfortunately Dr Paisley has longstanding enemies in the ranks of Christians who have seized upon this opportunity to denounce and defame him. Their position is very logical and convincing until you consider the alternatives.

The IRA has been forced to change in some measure and Northern Ireland is a democracy.


In Reply:

I am sorry you view my article as an “attack” on Ian Paisley. It was definitely not an attack on him at all. In fact, I asked Christian readers to pray for him and made it clear that even a true Christian can err. “Great men are not always wise” (Job 32:9). Daniel was placed in a far worse situation and did what was right, even though the consequences for him were terrible in human eyes. As for the majority being thankful for what Ian Paisley has done, even if that were so, the majority is not always right. Nor is something right merely because the majority supports it (Exod. 23:2).

As for the despicable IRA being forced to change in some measure, as you said, time will tell. But as I wrote, a leopard cannot change its spots, and I do not believe for one moment that they have changed. These are murderers, and now they are in government. That is the reality. We in SA have firsthand experience of how terrorist organisations operate, and as I showed in my article the IRA has close links with the ANC. Therefore I must stand by my statement that Ian Paisley’s recent action was very foolish, and will have tragic consequences. The good that a man has done must not blind us to his errors when he makes them. An alliance – any alliance – with Marxist terrorists is a grave error, plain and simple, as millions in South Africa and elsewhere know by bitter experience.

Shaun Willcock