August 2010

This is very offensive to me as a black person and I don’t appreciate getting such mail.  I also take great offense when people use the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to push their own personal agendas.  This is not how Christian people, who call themselves by the name of the Lord behave.

South Africa

In reply:

Thanks for passing on to me the comments you received from some work colleagues about the article on “Nelson Mandela International Day”.  Their reactions are not at all surprising, given the Mandela idolatry that takes place in SA and the world.  The saddest part of course is that some of them claim to be Christians and yet are so bent on defending their idol that they can’t even see how unbiblical their stance is.  Your comment to one of them – “I hope you defend Jesus with the same passion you defend sinners” – was right on target.  I have recently experienced the same kind of invective from some after I sent some letters to the newspaper against Islam and against Desmond Tutu.  Some, professing to be Christians, rushed to Tutu’s defence, but had not a word to say in defence of the honour of Christ.  They could not bear to see Tutu criticised, but as for the Saviour they professed to follow – they had nothing to say.  What darkness is upon the hearts and minds of so many in our day!

There is little point in [replying] to those who so vociferously rush to the defence of their idols.  It is truly “giving that which is holy unto the dogs, and casting pearls before swine” (see Matt. 7:6).  Whenever there is even an inkling of interest, then it’s always worth following up; but the Scriptures very clearly teach us that when people are so blinded and so closed to the truth, after they have had it presented to them, the only thing left to do is as Christ taught (Matt. 10:14) and as the apostles practised (Acts 13:51) – to shake off the dust from our feet as it were, and move on; for there are others who may receive the truth, and we must seek them out.  We cannot afford to continue spending time on those who are not, at present, given ears to hear or eyes to see.  The elect of God will receive the truth, and the others will cast it from them. – Shaun Willcock

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