August 2010

I am one of those Christians who is seriously praying for the salvation of Nelson Mandela.  I admire the man for the forgiveness he showed, he really could have used his position of power so differently.  I certainly do not bow down and worship him, nor do I put him above God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  The crime and violence in our country was not caused by Mandela but as a result of a fallen world.  Apartheid was part of that fallen world and was sinful.  No matter who led the country at that point, the result would have been the same.  I find your article judgmental and biased.  Maybe you should come and live in South Africa and experience the Rainbow Nation and the bridges which have been built so that you can focus on both sides of the coin and not only the crime.  I agree that some people have put Mandela on a pedestal but that does not make him a lesser person.  There are many personal stories about Mandela which you obviously don’t know or neglect to mention.  He is a very caring, humble and giving man.  I pray earnestly for his salvation as well as for the salvation of all the lost.  It is not for me to judge, only God can.  Mandela has never tried or claimed to be the Messiah.

South Africa


The same foolish arguments, the same statement about “judging”, the same ignorance about the real cause of the crime and violence.  Such is the brainwashing that has taken place since the ANC came to power. – Shaun Willcock

You are a very bitter man.  Nelson Mandela has done more for Africa and the world than any of the so called religions.  In the opinion of most South Africans he is a saviour who has delivered hope, peace and love which we can see and feel.  More than I can say for Christianity which unfortunately is followed by people like you.

South Africa

(The following six letters were sent to a Christian woman who passed on the article, Nelson Mandela International Day, to some of her work colleagues with the note, “Come quickly Lord Jesus and judge the wicked of the world who worship man, and deliver the righteous pilgrims on the earth who worship YOU alone.”  Our reply is found at the end)

Shame on you for passing along this type of one-sided right-wing slush.  I dare say you and your friends are looking forward to the time when all these sinful people are condemned into Hell, then you can turn around and say, “Yes, that will teach you a lesson.  I am glad that you’re burning.  Yay !!!  At last justice is done.  WE have done the Lord’s work.  All those Reds, yellows, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Catholics, non-believers, radicals, dogs, sheep and everybody but us perfect types, are roasted and have at last got what they deserve.  What would the Lord do without us, the small group of SIN-Detectors who look after his interests on this Planet.  He must be so proud of us.  Yes, yes , yes.  Listen to that popping sound.  It is Mandela burning.  He sinned all his life through by going against the will of those who wanted to oppress the people.  Yay !!!”

South Africa