August 2010

I can’t think of any subject where people are so misled as South Africa.  My experience is that people who otherwise are of pretty sound mind are just still totally deceived about the Marxist ANC.  The widespread and longterm media propaganda and the charisma of Mandela totally worked.  I remind people that [South Africa] had the first heart transplant and I love to tell the story about the dentist I went to in East London [a city in SA] who had digital x-rays far advanced than any dentist I have been to here and pain free fillings was my first experience as well.

United States

I read your letter that was sent in July 2010 [Nelson Mandela International Day].  There are a few things I do not agree with you.

How can you judge a person, doesn’t matter if he is a Christian or not, how can you judge a person?  Yes President Mandela WAS a murderer, but how will you know if he is not a Christian.  Doesn’t it state in the Bible that we must not judge people?

Are you without sin, no, nobody is.  You must also remember that the Lord Jesus works in different ways.  He uses sometimes non-christians. [Regarding] this [matter of] people who needed to do something for 67 minutes [on “Mandela Day”].  There are a lot of people who did charitable work and you know what, some of them started to know the Lord through that.

The other thing I want to point out is, I had the opportunity to meet John Smith the Springbok captain in 2008.  And you know what I asked him, he must explain to me how it felt when he met with President Mandela.  I asked the other Springboks who were also there, how it felt, and everybody agreed that the first time when the met him, they felt peace that surrounded this man, and that they noticed that the love of Jesus Christ was shining through him.  So I am asking you today, you don’t know me, and I don’t know you.  Didn’t you do something bad in your life before you became a Christian?  Well everybody did something wrong in life, and since you are now a Christian, don’t you do sin?

Everybody sins in life.  So doesn’t matter if you said that you are a Christian or not, they committed sin, by way of thinking, talking, etc., etc.  Doesn’t the Bible say in Matthew to the people that if nobody has sin they may throw stones at the woman, but they couldn’t because they realized they have sin.  So do not judge President Mandela.  There are so many other murderers, rapists, etc. out in the world, why not judge one of them?

I am a Christian and I have a personal relationship with the Lord, I know he teaches me not to judge people.  I am not judging you, I just point things out to you.

South Africa