August 2010

I get emails from you re: new books, here I am wondering why the author who exposes the evils of the terrible system based in Rome (a system which took 47 years to even acknowledge the existence of the Jewish state that the Lord raised up in the middle east in 1948) also and ironically joins with that same popish system to deny what the Lord is doing around Israel in these last days.  Folks, He said He’d do it for His name’s sake.  Ezekiel 36:22 and many other places, don’t get mad at me, look it up.  If He’d failed on the promises to re-establish Israel, why would we believe that He’d carry out His promises to the church?  It’s a very serious issue.  Replacement theology.

United States

In reply:

To claim that I join with Rome in denying what the Lord (according to you) is doing around Israel reveals, sadly, a lack of biblical and historical understanding, but what is worse, no desire at this point to know the truth.  You hold to a particularly harmful false teaching, without basis in God’s Word rightly divided, and even contrary to historical fact.  Bottom line: the modern state of Israel was not “raised up” by the Lord in 1948 in any special sense, but only in the same way as the sovereign Lord raises up all nations.  The Jews of today are, for the most part, Gentile converts to the false religion of Judaism.  They are not the Lord’s special people in a national sense, for that state of things ended in the first century, and there is no special relationship between God and the modern state of Israel or the modern-day Jews, nationally, and never again will be.  They are in precisely the same boat as all Gentiles: sinners who must be saved by God’s grace through faith in Christ if they are to be saved at all.  May the Lord yet open your eyes to the very serious error you hold, which has done, and continues to do, immense damage wherever it is propagated. It is a lie of the evil one. – Shaun Willcock

I am busy reading your book on the Sabbath [The Sabbath and the Lord’s Day]…. It is excellent and I still benefit by the way you expound this much confused topic.  It does matter what you believe about the Sabbath and the Lord’s Day as you say on p.75 that it “can so easily result in the diminishing of the doctrine of the great work of Christ in giving true spiritual rest to His people.”  May the Lord bring much blessing through your teaching and instruction.  I for one can say Amen to this.

I have almost finished [your sermons on] chapter 6 of Revelation.  What a tremendous blessing!  There is so much to take in and I would easily devour one after the other…. I have to listen more than once and then still feel I could do with another repeat.  For the first time it all makes sense to me…. Thank you again for all your hours of labour.  May many be blessed by these expositions.

South Africa

Please pray for our church situation here.  There is good reason to believe that the Jesuits are behind the ecumenical movement here.


I have always seen exactly what you describe [in the article, Nelson Mandela International Day: a Substitute Messiah is Idolised by the World], but it seems like nobody else sees it.  Thank you for sharing this, I say a big AMEN!  I cannot understand that even my parents, uncles and aunts who are now between 75 and 82 years old all idolise the false messiah.  They are Afrikaner people – it blows my mind!  Have they forgotten all the bombings and terrorist acts, etc.

I still believe if the Spirit of God lives in your heart, you will be able to see it – he is not a man of peace, but a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Bless you for sharing the truth.

South Africa

Thanks for the info on Mandela [Nelson Mandela International Day: a Substitute Messiah is Idolised by the World].  Yes the world has gone stark raving mad!  Nothing surprises me anymore, but I still get grieved by it all.