August 2010

After reading your latest newsletter about how you want to write a book about the Jesuits I prayed that God would provide a way for the money, so after prayerful consideration I decided to sell some things that I didn’t need and prayed to the Lord that the amount given for them would be adequate to cover the costs of your book.  I don’t know if that is enough but I’m sure it at least is a start and perhaps other donors will give too!  I praise God that He provided the money and it was nothing that I did!

Northern Ireland

…we received an e-mail from another ministry which contained your article on Radical Feminism [Radical Feminism: Women Enslaving Themselves in the Name of Liberation].  I have publicly opposed feminism myself and am greatly concerned about this “Monstrous Regiment of Women” but sometimes I feel like a voice crying in the wilderness here in Northern Ireland.  If feminism has a language (and I believe it does) then political correctness is surely it, as it supports feminism’s unisex society with words such as “spokesperson” and “partner” which denotes moral looseness and of course “spokesperson” is “gender neutral”, a grotesque concept which feminists love… There are “evangelical feminists” in some of the churches and these foolish women do not see the dangers of feminism.  Can nothing be done about the feminist movement?  I’m amazed at the silence of Pastors/Ministers on this issue in N. Ireland…

A lady in Northern Ireland

Your article entitled, Is the Pope of Rome Guilty? was excellent!  Although the actual revelations concerning the widespread incidences of sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic “church” were absolutely heartbreaking to read about.  Heartbreaking!  I agree with you entirely when you stated in your summation that given all of these terrible atrocities that are being exposed (about the RCC’s sexual abuse) we could truly be “witnessing the very beginnings of the end” of this diabolical institution.  Thank you so much for such thorough reporting.  I am appalled and saddened by the utter silence in the professing so-called “evangelical” community regarding these events.  I know it’s because of the severe doctrinal confusion that exists and that so many “evangelicals” are sinfully mesmerized by Rome that they refuse to see the truth about how completely vile she is.  They refuse to heed God’s many, many warnings and clear instructions about this so-called “church” which is indeed “the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.” (Rev. 18:2).

United States

Angus Buchan will be at a venue nine miles from us in just over a week’s time.  We have spoken to two pastors about this man and are very disappointed by their response.  One pastor is afraid of controversy and will not publicly warn people to stay away from Angus Buchan’s meetings (although he is opposed to this man and will say so privately on a one to one basis, but this is not good enough as he is duty bound to protect the sheep from wolves in sheep’s clothing).  The other pastor took some of his people to hear Angus Buchan when he was in N. Ireland in 2008.  He went on hearsay, he did not “try the spirits”.  This time he is not supporting Angus Buchan but only because a Catholic priest is endorsing him.  Surely that is not the only problem with Angus Buchan as I have discovered Mr. Buchan has links to C. Peter Wagner (through men like Graham Power and George Otis Jr.).  I had a real battle with this pastor about Angus Buchan and I urged him to look at your website (and similar websites) but I fear he will not do so as he doesn’t seem interested in finding out the truth about AB.  This is possibly because he will then have to explain to his people why he led them to one of his rallies….  He takes the view that he went to hear him in the past, the past is over, he won’t go again, end of story.  He did say he found AB a “bit Charismatic” but that the Lord could still save (or actually had saved)someone through his ministry.  I replied that it is possible that souls are saved at AB’s meetings but the Lord will save in spite of Angus Buchan, not because of him because God honours the preaching of His word.

Northern Ireland

In reply:

It is very sad and tragic that Angus Buchan will be preaching in your country soon.  It is equally sad and tragic that pastors such as the two you have contacted will not publicly warn against him.  I am not at all surprised as this is the general stance taken by so many pastors in this evil day.  They are so afraid of controversy and of taking a proper, bold stand.  It is truly disgraceful.  But then again, I suspect that the pastors you have spoken to are not at all sound in other ways as well.  This is shown, for instance, not only by one of them actually taking people to hear Buchan the previous time, but even by him saying Buchan is merely “a bit Charismatic”.  Buchan is not a “bit Charismatic”, he is totally Charismatic and makes no attempt to hide it…. It truly does appear to me that a man who can take his flock to Buchan’s meetings, and then merely say he is a “bit Charismatic”, is far from doctrinally sound himself.  If a man truly understands the evil of Charismatism, Arminianism, etc., then he would not even entertain the possibility that a preacher such as Buchan was sound enough to support.  It reveals a dismal ignorance of sound doctrine according to God’s Word.

These are very trying times as error is rampant and on the increase in a thousand forms, and the Lord’s faithful servants are few and far between.  We need the grace of God to keep us, and to preserve us from the lies of the devil that swirl all around us. – Shaun Willcock

(for further information on Angus Buchan, see Faith Like Potatoes, or Biblical Faith? by Shaun Willcock, a critique of the book and movie about Angus Buchan)

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