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Thanks for the work you are doing, as nothing is more important than God’s Word.  One of the initial reasons that I felt I should look farther into your teachings on our Bible (King James Version), is your writings on Christmas & Easter.  I have not participated in this Christmas occasion for the past 30 or 40 yrs, as probably 80 % of Canadians do.  My Jesus is GOD, not pagan.  Another reason I’ve been drawn to your teachings is you write about the satanic group of divers people who control the entire world.  I’ve been very interested in this for over 50 yrs.  Unfortunately few if any ministers speak or write on this, and I believe it would help more people to understand what the Bible is telling us.


I am writing to enquire about literature, especially on SA and Ulster.  I am especially interested in the book “Holy War” Against South Africa. Also other literature on SA.  I have been reading your excellent web page.  I am an evangelical Christian believer.


I just wanted to let you know (after reading your latest article on Julius Malema [Julius Malema Calls for the Killing of Whites]) I am fervently praying for you, your family and the brethren of SA.  I am praying for God’s mercy and grace in what must be a very difficult time in your country.  Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, although it is heartbreaking to hear of the violence and hatred that’s being spewed by a man like Malema and how the shameful ANC government doesn’t seem to be doing anything meaningful about it.  I pray that you all will be safe and protected and I am praying for all of SA as well.

United States

I have now received the book [Holy War Against South Africa].  I have not read it all yet but I wanted to say that the subject of interracial marriage you mentioned on page 92 I found very helpful.  I had been told by some racist pastors that the Holy Scriptures forbid marriage between a black and a white.  I have even read books on this mainly from the southern states in USA.  These books have convinced some white Christians here, but I held to the view you mentioned that the Scriptures do not teach this, and that the main thing is that they can marry provided they are Christian believers, and that the passages mentioned are talking about heathen nations. Thanks again.