April 2011

Postbox and Inbox

A sample of letters received

Our purpose in publishing a sampling of the letters we have received, in the words of Arthur W. Pink:

“…the time has again arrived for us to indicate to our loyal supporters before the Throne of Grace something of the manner and extent to which the Hearer of prayer has been pleased to grant their requests.”

“Our object in compiling this…feature is to evoke praise and thanksgiving on the part of those who are most deeply interested in this work, by quoting excerpts from some of the letters at hand telling of help and blessing received, under God…”

“Our purpose…is to evoke praise unto the Lord, that in this cloudy and dark day He is still ministering to His own, giving seed to the Sower, and then blessing the same unto the eater.  We know not why the mighty God should condescend to use one so feeble and unworthy; sufficient for us that He is pleased to do so.  Our longing is to be used more widely, in sending ‘portions’ to a large number of Christ’s scattered and hungry sheep.  Will you not pray more definitely, dear reader, that this may be so; and that God will graciously fit and furnish the writer.”

But for the Lord’s grace, you would be overwhelmed with much of the correspondence you receive!  What a roller coaster of emotion as you read these [Postbox and Inbox August 2010].  Your heart swells as you read those from Christians and then you feel sickened reading those from poor, deluded souls who will say anything, no matter how nonsensical, to defend their idol or false beliefs.  As always, you are brought before the throne of Grace by all of us who know, love and appreciate your ministry with is ordained by the Lord.

United States

We are happy for your wonderful teachings to us about living sacrificially for the sake of the Great Commission [the pamphlet Living Sacrificially for the Sake of the Great Commission].  We are reading them and passing them to other Christians.   Thanks and may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you all.


Thank you for this [the pamphlet entitled Predestination] and I have sent it out to many, especially those I know who are Arminian in doctrine.


Thank you for putting me on your e-mail list.  Appreciated your article on Predestination.  I believe God is in control and He chooses who he will save.  I’m most humbled and grateful to know that He has chosen me.

United States

I am absolutely amazed that a “minister” could write such an article as you have, in fact I am very, very disappointed to see how judgmental [you are] and the lack of respect that you have.

The God I serve is a loving forgiving God, a God who holds no grudges, a God who will judge us all for our transgressions, a God who in his word tells us: Do not judge and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven (Lk. 6:37), and: For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins (Matt. 6:14,15).

Apartheid was wrong, despite people trying to find a biblical foundation for it and as a white South African I need to ask for forgiveness for my participation and I have done so and I know that I have been forgiven.  I also have forgiven the ANC for the wrongs they did against “White South Africans” and I can tell you that I do not worship Mr. Mandela but I do thank God for the insight he had in that when he was released from prison he did not call for his supporters to take up arms against the whites, there could have been a blood bath.

I would like to ask you a question : Do you know if Mr. Mandela is a Christian who has accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal saviour?  I certainly don’t and I pray that the Holy spirit will work in his life to make him realize that there is something missing in his life and that before he dies he comes to know the Lord.

South Africa like any other country in the world has its problems, but again the Lord has put the leaders of our country in power and we need to respect and pray for them, as at the end of the day he is in control not us mere humans.

I wonder if you will reply to this mail or just hide behind an email address, as I say I am disappointed.

South Africa

In reply:

You wrote that you were “disappointed” with my article.  The fact that you feel disappointed is, quite frankly, irrelevant.  Many others rejoiced for the truth in the article.  Your disappointment stems from a lack of biblical understanding.

You, like so many others, have completely misunderstood what the Bible says about judging.  You, and I, and every other person judge every single day, and we could hardly live on earth if we did not.  The Bible only condemns hypocritical judging – judging someone as guilty when one is doing the same things – but it commends correct, righteous judgment.  As for saying I lack respect for Mandela, you are right; but I am not called upon, nor is any Christian, to respect a man who behaved the way he did.  Respect must be earned, and he has not earned my respect.

You wrote, “The God I serve is a loving forgiving God, a God who holds no grudges, a God who will judge us all for our transgressions, a God who in his word tells us” (and then you quote Lk. 6:37).  Well, I am sure this is the God you worship; but this is not the God of the Bible!  This is your own man-made God.  The God of the Bible, while very loving towards His people, is a God who hates iniquity, a God who is righteous, who will by no means clear the guilty.  Yes, He forgives sinners – when they repent. Mandela has not repented, for if he had, as a public figure this would have been made known.  If he had become a true Christian, he would want the world to know that his actions of the past were sinful and he had repented of them. This he has never done.

Your statement that as a white South African you needed to ask forgiveness for your participation in the policy of apartheid, reveals just how ignorant you are of the Bible.  Unless you, personally, committed some sin against another human being, you are not guilty for being a white South African living at that time.  You can only repent of your own, individual sins.  You have fallen for the lie of liberation theology, which speaks of a myth called “structural sin”: sin in the structures of society.  This is all nonsense.  You have sadly been misled.

Nor is any man required to forgive others for their wrongs, unless they have repented. This is the clear teaching of the Bible.  The ANC has never repented of its wrongs, and therefore no man is required to forgive them.  Forgiveness must be based on repentance.

You are also wrong, very much so, in thinking that when Nelson Mandela was released, he was a man of peace.  You clearly have not done your research.  I have, and have written much on this with all the necessary documentation.

You say we don’t know whether or not Mandela has become a Christian.  Yes, we do, in fact.  A true Christian does not hide his light under a bushel.  He testifies, he speaks up, he confesses with his mouth the Lord Jesus.  As Mandela has never done this, we can say with absolute certainty that he is not a Christian.

The only part of your letter which was correct was in your paragraph saying that the Lord has put men in charge of our country and we must pray for them, for He is in control.  This is correct.  But this does NOT mean we must be blind to their faults or believe lies about them, which so many have done about Mandela.

Again I must say (for you say it again at the end of your letter), the fact that you are disappointed is utterly irrelevant.  All that matters is: what does the Bible say?  May your eyes be opened to that, for at this time you simply do not know the truth of God’s precious Word. – Shaun Willcock

I continue to send out as much as I can of sound literature, and always consider yours as being very necessary to pass on.  Am so ill and weak physically, but the Lord has allowed me to spend myself on the computer, so want to make every effort count for His glory and praise…. We consider the ministry the Lord has given you to be so vital in these days of such apostasy and false teaching.


Good and timely article [“International Burn a Koran Day”: the Christian Response].  Of course I 100% agree with what you wrote and had been telling folks very similar.  This is being done for “notoriety” and not a case of people repenting and confessing among the believers that they repent of their false gods and are destroying their own personal items as in scriptures.

It is still “amusing” to see all the liberals that defend all mockery of things with a “Christian” perspective in arts, movies, stories, etc., and yet fall over themselves to defend Islam and not want to offend any of them.

You also are aware that our own US military burnt hundreds of Bibles that were sent to US troops in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan because they were in local languages and didn’t want them used to witness, as that is illegal in Islamic countries.  No one in the West was upset about burning the real Bible that bears witness to the true and living God.

United States

I am grateful for your timely commentary on this controversial subject [“International Burn a Koran Day”: the Christian Response] which is receiving so much media attention.  I concur wholeheartedly that this is indeed a futile act and can in no way be justified by Scripture.  As did the pagans in Ephesus, I can well remember the time when we were converted to Christ that my husband and I threw out books, and other Roman Catholic bric-a-brac, i.e., statues, rosaries, to publicly express our renunciation of our former idolatry and to disassociate ourselves from any connection to it.  But that, as you say, is entirely different from the wholesale burning of Korans that this pastor has called for.  Your exhortation is truly a “word in season” and I would very much like to post a link to a news item in connection with this there as quickly as possible.

United States

Thanks for taking the time to write this nice article [“International Burn a Koran Day”: the Christian Response] which uses a biblical foundation to settle some interesting questions.  I tend to think this is just a “manufactured event” to rile the masses… just by the way it is presented in the mainstream media and the attention it is given.  Nevertheless you raise very important points about Islam etc. and I found the article helpful as I struggle to reconcile various things regards freedom of religion and Islam etc.  I believe in religious freedom but how to reconcile that with the Koran which commands war and bloodshed?

It is interesting to compare the occupation of Iraq and the subsequent new constitution under American supervision with the constitution of Japan post WWII that made the emperor a figurehead and gave more liberty to the people as supervised by MacArthur.  Also the German constitution under Western occupation was different.  The Iraq constitution quickly states Islam is the official religion and nothing can contradict Islam.

United States

Just received this, in response to sending out your article [“International Burn a Koran Day”: the Christian Response]…

Thanks.  Excellent article.  Here are my thoughts.  This September 11 “Burn a Koran Day” continues to be a fascinating story to me.  I assure you that there is more to this story than we know.  For example, how and why did the media pick this particular story of a numerically small and heretofore unknown Florida “charismatic” pastor/church to sensationalize as the front page and TV dominating story around the world?  How and why did media lure the world’s most prominent religious, political, and military personalities to criticize, denounce and condemn this simple activity of burning a few Korans?  And if they burn more than a “few” where did they obtain the money to purchase them?  Why and how has media lured these personalities to become spokespersons to speak favorably and loftily of and in defense of Islam and their “holy book?”  One of my suspicions is that this is a government designed and manufactured story by “agent provocateurs” to advance a cover story to distract the American people from the more behind-the-scenes sinister government planned activities to justify whatever government wants to do to silence any/all protest of those whom government has already described as “domestic terrorists.”

And we must not forget that while we are inundated with the news of “Burn a Koran Day,” Glenn Beck and the non-Christian Mormon religion and the Book of Mormon is moving forward across America with incredible speed right before our eyes!


Here is another response to your well-written article on this subject…

I hasten to acknowledge the paper by Shaun Willcock under the above title [“International Burn a Koran Day”: the Christian Response].  I too am deeply concerned about the threatened activities of the pastor in an American Evangelical church.  Accordingly, I fully agree with the exercise so spiritually and cogently expressed by Shaun Willcock.  Shaun has written a sound, Scripturally based and balanced response to the American Pastor and to others who subscribe to such unscriptural behaviour.  How far removed is the said Pastor from the spirit and conduct of our Blessed Saviour (Matt. 10:16;  Luke 4:22;  1 Cor. 10:32;  2 Cor. 6:3)…


I truly enjoyed your article on the “International Burn a Koran Day.”   The timeliness of it was amazing because as it so happened, I had just been talking to the girls about the incident (during our morning Bible Study) – particularly how misguided Terry Jones’ actions were.  (By the way, —- made almost the exact comment that you made [in your article] as far as the irrelevancy of Angelina Jolie weighing in on the matter…)   And then, when I went to check my e-mails, I had received your article on the very thing we were just discussing… the threat is real all right.  But sadly, as you wrote (in regards to the West standing up to this threat), the truth is, “… the west is too weak, too lily-livered, to stand up to Islam.”  In fact, in the case of the U.S., we have a socialist/marxist president, who seems to be working overtime to usher in this dangerous Islamic invasion (into the U.S.) –  the sooner the better, it seems.  Of course, this is tragic and will show how our so-called “political correctness” might be our undoing.  Nevertheless, as you wrote, believers must stand boldly on the Word of God, recognizing that without a doubt, the Gospel is offensive to the world “but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.” (1 Cor. 1:18).  And in Romans 9:33, “As it is written, Behold, I lay in Sion a stumblingstone and rock of offence: and whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.”

Again, Bible Based Ministries is such a blessing to us and it is definitely a source of light in these dark times.

United States

I read your article on Dark Africa and all I can feel for you is pity. You are a blatant racist with a very dark soul hiding behind the veil of christianity.  Without exception your articles are based on a negative view of the world particularly Africa.  Thank God the religion I follow is based on love and forgiveness.

South Africa

I wanted to take a few minutes to share my thoughts with you on your most recent article, Antichrist in the UK 2010. Truly a word spoken in season, at a time when there is so little love of the TRUTH, when Christians are so lacking in discernment, when many have been sent a strong delusion that they should believe a lie! (II Thess. 2:3-11).

You really have thrown down the gauntlet in this no-holes barred commentary on the shameless abdication by the Queen to defend the Protestant faith to the pope of Rome, effectively pronouncing a plague on both of their houses.  What a departure your stinging indictment of Her Majesty the Queen is from the deafening silence coming from the majority of barkless shepherds (Is. 56:10) and/or the meaningless and empty niceties spoken of her by the hirelings that largely occupy the pulpits of our Protestant churches today!  As you have well said: “This is not a time for mincing words.  The truth must be told.”

Your incisive analysis and the plainness of speech you employ to expose and denounce the Queen, without apology and in no uncertain terms for her treachery and dereliction of duty to defend the Protestant faith is both refreshing and vital if the professing church of Jesus Christ is to ever awake from her slumber.  Your resolve, like that of Micaiah, who would only speak that which the LORD had entrusted to him (I Kings 22:7-28) should serve as a rebuke to the countless craven Gospel Ministers within the varied professing Protestant denominations who hold their peace in the face of such blatant treachery, rather than risk offending the Monarch!

Thank you for taking great care to provide believers an accurate historical account of this nation’s Christian roots and flatly refuting the revisionist history of Rome delivered up by the pope and the flawed version of her most notorious and shameless pawn, Rowan Williams.

Today we are seeing the fruition of those things spoken of Charles Spurgeon in his day when “Puseyism” was in its early stages, which has culminated in that “falling away” prophesied in God’s Word in Paul’s 2nd letter to the Thessalonians.

Your unapologetic stance affords compelling reasons why those who would be found faithful to Christ and His Doctrine, must go “unto HIM without the camp.”(Heb. 13:13)  Once again you have shown yourself to be a faithful Watchman by sounding the alarm in Zion to the multitudes of slumbering Christians carried away by the false ecumenical spirit of Rome and the increasing worldly / irreligious spirit of our age.  A must read today for Christians who would be found standing on the Lord’s side… fighting the good fight of faith and earnestly contending for the faith once delivered unto the saints at His glorious appearing.

United States

Thank you for your good honest letter.  I have just been attacked in the local press here for writing against the papal visit.  As you probably know, we British tax payers had to contribute to the massive bill.  Considering most UK citizens are not Roman Catholics I felt this was most unfair.  I suggested in my letter that perhaps Benedict should sell one of his gold rings to help foot the bill.  The letters sent in against me, and others who opposed the payments were just unbelievable.  One of the letters suggested that I was a Catholic hater who was jealous of the popularity of Benedict.  Incredible.  I was only one of the many who were attacked in the letters column.

Thanks again for standing up for the Truth, and exposing [Gordon] Brown the son of a Presbyterian minister.  Our Queen is also wrong to have gone out to meet this false prophet from the Romish harlot.


Thank you my brother for this enlightenment [Antichrist in the UK 2010] you are giving to the world of true Christianity as well as to the lost.  May God continue to give you more discernment and wisdom as you serve Him. You are a blessing to the believing community.


Just finished [your sermons on] Revelation chapter 3 (7 of 7), waiting with great anticipation for my next order to arrive.


I have almost finished your great book (“Holy War” Against South Africa).  It is brilliant but sad reading.  I want to say thanks for this book, and for your defence of our holy faith against Roman Catholicism.  I have withdrawn from the church I was attending here as its leaders welcomed Pope Benedict to Britain…. Please can you pray for me that I can find a true Reformed church to attend here.  I am surrounded by ecumenical traitors to our Protestant faith.  Thank you for what you do for SA and the Reformed truths.


Thank you in Jesus’ Name for this [our pamphlet entitled The Great Whore of Revelation] re: the Catholic church.  I feel I must send it to some dear family, who have been immersed in this all of their lives.  I must pray that the Lord will guide me as to what to write, along with this [pamphlet], so that they will accept it in the manner intended.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated in this matter.  Blessings in Jesus’ Name, for the truth you are spreading of God’s Word.


[We] are both excited about what you will reveal to us in the next CDs on the Book of Revelation.  I’m sure the Lord protects you and yours, but you are in our prayers also, as we feel that is a very dangerous country for people like you, who speak God’s truth.  I’m on chapter 11 (No. 7 of 14 CDs) of Revelation, and each one gets more exciting and so informative.


Awesome article [The Arab World Explodes].  Well done indeed.  World media is hiding the truth and the Western world is drunk from decades of worshipping “democracy” as the solution to a country’s problems in itself.

United States

Thank you for caring so much that you made the effort to come up and be of great help [holding the first Bible Protestants’ Convention under the auspices of Bible Based Ministries] to many souls here that have great need for better and Biblical teaching…. I was truly blessed by it all.

South Africa

Just to say thank you for sharing as you did on the Bible and Rome [at the Bible Protestants’ Convention held in Johannesburg].  We are living in end times, and word for word the Bible spells it all out.  We need to keep our lamps trimmed.

South Africa

It is quite a spiritual battle altogether, as certainly most celebrate Easter as well as the Christ-mass, and Good Friday and Easter Sunday as well.  Your Book explained to me what I’ve always thought – never were there 3 days and 3 nights between Friday and Sunday.

I recently went to a Ladies Meeting in a church close by, Evangelical, and the lady encouraged them all to give something up for Lent, and as it was on “Shrove Tuesday” she had plenty to say about that too, but not the truth.  I told her that its only the apostate church who keeps these things!  She did not like it, and ignored me.


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