April 2008

Greetings! I received your books this week! Thank you so much! I got so excited, that I even failed to choose which one to start with! At least now I am better, so I will start today and be blessed! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!


Thank you for your article on the RC Institution’s declared position in the ecumenical movement. May it open many Christians’ eyes. Thank you for all your “politically incorrect” articles…. Thank you for all the work that you have done through the years. Our eldest daughter and her husband watched “Faith Like Potatoes” and then had some questions about it. They found your critique on that excellent and it helped them a lot to understand many things in the movie. They realize how powerful the visual media is and how false doctrine can so easily be promoted through that. Had it not been for your critique, which I could send to them, they would have been very confused.


I am happy to tell you that I have visited your web page and it has really ministered to my soul and refreshed my inner being. So please help me to know more from you and if possible help my group with teaching.


Another excellent article, Shaun! [The Jesuits: the Secret Army of the Papacy] Thanks so much! Your writing is clear and accurate. Many people are so ignorant of the dangers of Popery (in general) – and they are especially unenlightened about the Jesuit Order. Your paper is extremely helpful and I plan to share this information with many. Although I must admit, sadly, the more I try to share the truth with professing believers, the less (and less) they seem to care about the vital importance of guarding and defending the Christian faith. In fact, many seem to display extreme hostility toward those who are only trying to help them in the area of Biblical discernment. Thank you for your hard work and God bless you and yours.

United States

Thanks for the South Africa update [South Africa: the Lights are Going Off]…. “Go to bed and grow” – wow, what a solution to a lack of electricity. I sympathize with those who are staying put through this disaster.

United States