April 2008

First of all Shaun Willcock needs to read about his/her own history. I know how painful it must be to be a descendant of evil people like whites but unfortunately it’s the truth of history that we can’t change, as an African this is an insult [i.e. one of our articles on the present South African situation – S.W.], Africans were treated as second class citizens but there was genocide too…. The motives of whites was to exploit and expulsion, and when the expulsion was taking place the genocide was taking place too, because the operation plan was to keep numbers of Africans as low as possible, what was happening on the plaas [farm] when the slaves were killed and buried on the farm by slave owners? Is that not genocide? Why did Israel trade with apartheid government guns to kill the Africans who were fighting for their rights in the townships? Africa was good enough without a white/European or any race who contributed to Africa’s suffering, we had traditional healers not witchdoctors, these terms were used by your evil ancestors who were trying to degrade our blacks, even today they are focusing on crime and corruption happening in Africa. What about crime in your descendants in Europe, tell us more about the functions of the EU to privatise a lot of things like water in Africa, because that’s how you are, you don’t get enough from hurting people so long as you fulfil your economy, everything was taken from us as we speak HIV/AIDS is a form of genocide, it is man made, it’s not coming from baboons, science is slowly proving these facts and I am convinced it is just like domestication of animals to inject diseases in Africans. Now that is your history Shaun!

This is not a justification but you whites always want to be reflected as good and continuously destroying other people, if you say we need to resolve our issues after all you have taken from us we can deal with our issues but we can’t resolve them alone because you are the cause so we need to come together and resolve them.

I know you were not there but it’s still a cultural debt and it needs to be paid, look around you, learn about history and look who still owns South Africa’s economy.

…your ancestors came to occupy SA, they came with the Bible and misused it.

(email), probably South Africa

(This man’s letter is all over the place, and is full of historical inaccuracies and racist hatred towards whites. He calls blacks “Africans” but does not call white-skinned Africans by the same name, yet they are as African as he is. No, Africa was not in good shape before the European nations came, it was full of murder, slavery, disease, cruelty and witchcraft. Like many, he implies that Africa was a kind of paradise before the Europeans arrived, but this is nonsense. Yet after his long tirade, he still expects that the “evil whites” should “come together” with blacks to resolve Africa’s problems. Most tragic of all is his attitude to the Holy Scriptures, the Word of God. Today the Bible is being terribly distorted by “liberation theology” preachers throughout Africa; but many godly missionaries brought the true Gospel to Africa from Europe long ago. – Shaun Willcock)

I look forward to reading your book when it becomes available. In the meantime, I am currently studying the Sabbath lesson from your tape series entitled Is There a “Christian Sabbath”? It is very, very helpful. Thank you for being such a devoted teacher of God’s Word. The detailed scriptural support that you provide is very good. I hope you are all well. Please take care.

United States