17) Letters

Postbox and Inbox

A sample of letters received

Our purpose in publishing a sampling of the letters received, in the words of Arthur W. Pink:
“…the time has again arrived for us to indicate to our loyal supporters before the Throne of Grace something of the manner and extent to which the Hearer of prayer has been pleased to grant their requests.”
“Our object in compiling this… feature is to evoke praise and thanksgiving on the part of those who are most deeply interested in this work, by quoting excerpts from some of the letters at hand telling of help and blessing received, under God…”
“Our purpose in publishing the above excerpts is to evoke praise unto the Lord, that in this cloudy and dark day He is still ministering to His own, giving seed to the Sower, and then blessing the same unto the eater. We know not why the mighty God should condescend to use one so feeble and unworthy; sufficient for us that He is pleased to do so. Our longing is to be used more widely, in sending ‘portions’ to a large number of Christ’s scattered and hungry sheep. Will you not pray more definitely, dear reader, that this may be so; and that God will graciously fit and furnish the writer.”

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