Damaging Monuments to White South African History

And let’s not overlook dear old Nelson Mandela, whose giant statue now disgraces the beautiful Union Buildings lawns in Pretoria.  “The ugly truth about the world’s favourite terrorist-turned-politician, Nelson Mandela, has been buried deep beneath the media-created myth of the man, who for decades was given such a whitewashing by the liberal/Socialist media that the real Mandela disappeared from the world’s eyes, and in his place appeared a messiah, a saviour, a demigod, whose only resemblance to the real Mandela was the outer shell…. The real Nelson Mandela was, however, vastly different from the media-created myth. But this was the deliberately-constructed image which the international Communist movement, and Mandela’s own organisation, the African National Congress (ANC), wanted the world to believe; and the  media, so enamoured with Communism and the ANC, ensured the dissemination of this myth.  As the saying goes, tell a lie, tell it often enough, and the people will believe it.  They did.  In their millions… Alas, if only South Africa’s blacks, and the world in general, had looked beyond the myth to see the truth about this man!  Their failure to do so meant that Mandela became South Africa’s president, and led this once-great country down the slippery path of Socialism.  Under his leadership and that of his ANC successors, South Africa became just another self-imploding African Socialist wreck; and this tragic state of affairs was the true legacy of Nelson Mandela…”

Truthfully, these men and others like them were far, far worse than the heroes of white South Africans.

And what those who are screaming for the monuments to be pulled down fail to understand is that not even their own statues, to their own “heroes”, are “set in stone”.  The future is unknown.  Monuments are being raised today, to black terrorist leaders, which may not be standing in ten years’ time, or a hundred years’ time.  History is a funny thing.  There is always change in this world.  Nothing remains static.  Today’s heroes are tomorrow’s tyrants.  Men erect monuments to their heroes, thinking they will last forever; but they don’t.  They eventually fall, or are pulled down.  Think of the great monuments to heroes and gods of ancient times; where are they now?  In museums if they have been found, or smashed to pieces and covered with the soil of centuries if they have not.  Think of the giant statues of more recent tyrants that have been pulled down and smashed up.  And so, too, it will in time happen to all the statues which black Marxists and their fellow-travellers are erecting today.

Nothing lasts forever.

How Whites Should View, and Respond to, These Events

How, then, should white South Africans view all these things that are occurring?

Firstly: as painful as it is to accept, what has to be accepted is the fact that the two white South African nations, English and Afrikaans, have been conquered.  They fought long and hard, they fought bravely and at immense sacrifice to prevent it happening, but in the end they were conquered by a coalition of hostile nations.  They were certainly not defeated in battle – not at all!  The South African Defence Force was far superior to the ANC terrorists, as well as their Cuban allies, and would simply never have been defeated in warfare.  But they were conquered by betrayal, treachery, and cowardly capitulation.  What people in other parts of the world, and especially Americans, fail to understand is that although black and white nations all lived within the same geographical boundaries of the Republic of South Africa, and still do, they were, and are, entirely different nations, with their own cultures, histories, languages, etc.  For all practical purposes, the conquerors were foreigners to white South Africans, and white South Africans were foreigners to them.  They were as far apart, culturally, ideologically, etc., as, say, America and China, or England and Japan.  Their only common ground was that they inhabited the same chunk of real estate at the southern tip of Africa.

And this is why, despite all the propaganda by the ANC and others, the various black and white nations which live within this land of South Africa are not “one nation”, and never were.  Any supposed “unity” is entirely artificial, and non-sustainable.  It will unravel, as is patently evident to anyone with eyes to see.

And the black leaders of black nations who now rule over the two white nations of South Africa are going to destroy or remove the monuments to white history and culture, etc.  This country was betrayed into the hands of black Marxists, they now rule, and the wonderful history of English and Afrikaans South Africans has been tossed aside.  This is the reality.  Anything that reminds them of the national greatness of the Afrikaners and English South Africans has to be destroyed, as far as they are concerned.  The same thing has happened all over the world, to conquered nations: when one people group has come to have political power over another, the same thing usually happens.  Such is wicked human nature.

Secondly: white South Africans may soon be unable to take their children to their beautiful monuments, and teach them the history of their people.  It is a tragedy, but it is the reality of South Africa today.  Their enemies think that by defacing and damaging statues of white heroes, they can erase history.  But even if they broke down every single such monument in the entire country, they could never erase the true facts of the history, cultures, and spectacular achievements, of English and Afrikaans South Africans, from which they themselves merrily benefit every day of their lives.  They cannot erase the plain truth.  These statues are just symbols.  But the truth is locked in the written records of true history, which they can never completely erase, no matter how hard they try.  And also, white South Africans must find other ways of perpetuating and remembering their glorious history.  It needs to be also locked in the hearts and memories of white South Africans, and they must pass it on to their children, and to their children’s children, so that it will never be lost.  They must use good books, they must use the internet, they must use every means at their disposal.  It is now up to them to keep this history alive themselves, and never let evil men and historical revisionists obliterate it.  Yes, the statues may fall.  Yes, other monuments may be destroyed.   But greater than any statues is what the men represented by those statues achieved.  And white South Africans must preserve that memory, and pass it on to their children, for their history is a great one indeed.  See, for example, my article entitled The English South African: His History, Culture and Achievements, as well as others that are available.

And as part of teaching true history, they must also teach their children about the great betrayal; about how the country was handed over to Marxists by cowards and fools.

Thirdly: as tragic as it is to see the monuments to their history being damaged, the cities they built being trashed and renamed, the streets being renamed after terrorists and murderers, there is another way to look at it, which will go a long way towards enabling white South Africans to live with these changes and accept them.  For me personally, it helped greatly when I began to view these changes this way:

It is actually far better that the names of the founders and builders of this once-great country be removed, and replaced with the names of the Marxist and violent revolutionary “heroes”.  For what the revolutionaries have done to this country is so disgraceful, so shocking, that it is far better for the names of their so-called “heroes” to be associated with it all.  Take street names.  How much better it is that the names of great men, wise builders, true heroes of the past be removed from streets which under the ANC’s misrule have become filthy, urine-soaked pigsties, filled with potholes and broken lampposts!  It is more fitting that the names of those who trashed these places be associated with them, than the names of the men who built them.  The same is true for the cities which are being renamed.  Why should the names of English and Afrikaner heroes and leaders be associated with the run-down, crime-ridden, filthy cities of the ANC’s South Africa?  The ANC and its allies brought about this collapse – let their “heroes’” names be associated with it.  This, after all, is their true legacy: pigsties for cities, collapsed infrastructure, crime havens.  When foreign tourists come to these cities and drive down these streets and freeways, and experience the crime, the grime, the evidence of the ANC’s incompetence and misrule everywhere, rather let them associate all this with names like Mandela, Tambo, Biko, and all the others who brought this all about.

And the same is true for statues.  If all the statues and monuments to the history and achievements of the Afrikaans and English South Africans are destroyed or removed to some obscure corner, at least their names will no longer be associated with what this country’s cities have become; what the entire country has become.  So let the revolutionaries, the Socialists and Communists erect monuments to their own “heroes”, silent witnesses to the fact that they built nothing, they achieved nothing, they contributed nothing of value to the country; their followers can only take over what others built and achieved, and then wreck it.  Let their own statues preside over the mess they created.