Damaging Monuments to White South African History

In addition to Malema’s utterances, those of South Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma, contributed to the statue defacing occurring countrywide as well. For just weeks before, he said that South Africa’s problems could be blamed on the arrival of Jan van Riebeeck, the Dutch Colonialist and founder of Cape Town, in 1652.  A statement such as this is interpreted, by silly students with their heads full of idealism but little else, as meaning that whites are to blame for everything wrong in the country.  Indeed, this was Zuma’s meaning.  Is it just coincidence that all this nonsense started soon afterwards?

As Alana Bailey, deputy CEO of civil rights group AfriForum, put it: “The violation of statues representing Afrikaner and other prominent figures of the past, are a symptom of the growing intolerance towards Afrikaners and South African minorities in general, resulting from Zuma’s comments.”  And: “Instead of displaying leadership by taking a strong stand against the defacing of any statue, President Zuma rather rolled out the red carpet for the notorious violator of human rights and racist, Robert Mugabe.”  Yes, and stood chuckling along with Mugabe at a press conference when the latter joked about Rhodes being buried in Zimbabwe while South Africa had the statue of him.

Mounting White South African Resistance

As the defacing of their monuments continued across the country, many white South Africans did not take it lying down, and various protest actions occurred on April 8 for the retention of the cultural heritage of whites.  The largest gathering was at the Paul Kruger statue in Pretoria, where hundreds of people and various organisations gathered.  Dr Pieter Groenewald, chairman of the Freedom Front Plus, a conservative Afrikaner political party, said at the gathering that the Afrikaner would no longer allow himself to be intimidated, and would not be a mere observer of the destruction of his heritage and history.

At the gathering around the statue of Jan van Riebeeck in Cape Town, Dr Corné Mulder, the Freedom Front Plus’ Western Cape leader, said that the wave of emotional intimidation and violence was fuelled by President Jacob Zuma’s remarks that the country’s problems had started with the arrival of van Riebeeck in 1652.

Mulder also said that the time had come for moderate South Africans from all communities to take hands and stand together against radicals who want to set the country alight again.  He said that people who damage and destroy statues and cultural treasures of other communities are not interested in a peaceful future for all in South Africa.  And he made an excellent – and chilling – point when he said that the damaging of the statue of General Louis Botha in front of parliament in Cape Town was the continuation of a very dangerous tendency, for in 1933 students in Germany at 34 universities destroyed 25000 books, manuscripts and statues of Jews.  “We all know where that ended,” Mulder said.  “At present the Islamic State (IS) in the Middle East is doing exactly the same with the destruction of artefacts and statues of minorities in Syria and Iraq.”  The destruction of statues of white South Africans may not seem a very big deal to many; but as Mulder pointed out, such supposedly minor issues have at times led to far greater and more terrible consequences.  The rest of the world has very little idea of just what a knife edge South Africa sits on – constantly.  And all white South Africans have been asking: is there any future for them in South Africa?  Is this business just the prelude to something far, far worse?  Will this country again run with blood?  Are we heading for a race war?  When one considers how, at the same time as the statues were being defaced, black South Africans savagely turned on black foreigners living in South Africa, and when one reflects on the fact that black radicals hate whites far more than they hate blacks from other parts of Africa, then let none be so naive as to discount the possibility.

That the ongoing defacing of statues was indeed polarising the races was admitted by the chief executive of the National Heritage Council, Sonwabo Mancotywa, who said: “The level of anger and depth of ill-feeling took many people by surprise.  One of the more troubling aspects has been shocking displays of intolerance and racism, especially on social media.  The level of polarisation in South Africa should be a source of concern.”  Very true – except that all this anger, ill-feeling, and racial polarisation was caused by radical blacks, not by whites.

The Reasons for White Anger Over the Defacing and Damaging of Monuments

Is it really surprising that black Marxists and their fellow-travellers, who took charge of the country in 1994 after a brutal terrorist campaign against whites and the white government of South Africa, would hate the symbols of the history and achievements of white South Africans, and want them destroyed or removed?  No, it is not surprising at all.  Would radical blacks, now in power, really want to preserve these monuments to the greatness of South Africa when people of European origin ruled it?  No, of course not.  Every single day, as the now-dominant black leaders and their followers walk or drive past those monuments, it is a constant reminder to them of the greatness of the old South Africa, and of its utter collapse under the incompetent Communist and leftist rulers of the new South Africa.  It is not at all surprising, then, that this has occurred.  Indeed, the only surprising aspect of the whole business is that it did not occur sooner.

It is also true to say that, on a day to day basis, most whites (just like most people of all races) hardly notice the statues.  They are just there.  Furthermore, most whites do not even go into the city centres any more, where most of their statues were erected in times past, because after the fall of apartheid huge numbers of poverty-stricken blacks moved into the inner cities and they became crime havens.

And yet, as shown above, the defacing of their statues has generated much anger in the hearts of white South Africans.  Why?

Firstly, they are angry because of the way it is being done.  In a country which claims to be all about “reconciliation” between the races, the ANC government – which endlessly harps on that “we are all one nation” – allowed this blatant assault on the heritage and history of Afrikaans and English South Africans to occur.  Things which are dear to whites are being destroyed everywhere.  Whites see that the ANC’s claims about being committed to “reconciliation” are nothing but lies.  The truth is that there is only one colour that is welcome in South Africa today, and that is black.  Only one history is permitted, and that is “black” history.  For these fools, all history centres around the “liberation struggle” and nothing else (i.e. the Marxist-controlled revolution).  The only monuments they want are those to their “heroes of the struggle”.  The only history they are interested in is recent revolutionary history.  They are so short-sighted that it is as if the world only began with Colonialism, and was brought to perfection by Mandela et al.