Damaging Monuments to White South African History

Other Statues Defaced and Damaged

The defacing of statues started to occur in other parts of the country.   The statue to Boer leader and president of the old Transvaal Republic, Paul Kruger, was defaced with paint in Pretoria.  In Port Elizabeth a World War Two memorial was set on fire, and even a monument to the fallen animals of the Boer War was toppled!  In Durban, the statue of King George V was defaced with white paint and the words, “End white privilege”, were painted on it, and a statue of General Louis Botha, another Boer hero and the first prime minister of the Union of South Africa, was also defaced with paint, and the word “devel” scrawled across its plinth (note the spelling “skill” of the graffiti “artist” – and yet they were calling for the “Africanisation” of universities and the destruction of monuments to a culture that is really far superior to theirs).  And a statue erected to the amazing horse ride of Dick King was also defaced in Durban.  For these last two, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), a radical black party committed to the annihilation of everything to do with white South Africans and their heritage, claimed responsibility.  Why were there no arrests immediately?  Answer: although the ruling ANC was letting the EFF do the dirty work and make all the noise, it secretly fully supported the defacing and vandalism.

Behind the Protests

So how did all this really start?  Was it really just a spontaneous uprising of students, who had ignored the issue of statues for 21 years (since the 1994 ANC victory) and had just trudged along to their universities like students everywhere, to attend their lectures and get their degrees, and yet who suddenly, now, out of the blue, went wild with anger and emotion because a statue of Rhodes (which most of them probably hardly noticed as they went to and fro at the university) looked down upon them?  Of course not.  In the 21 years since the ANC/Communist Party alliance came to power in South Africa, nothing like this had ever occurred before; and yet we were supposed to believe that it was a spontaneous expression of “the people’s” anger?  Nonsense.  It was all deliberately planned, and carefully orchestrated – as such things always are.  There were forces behind the scenes, manipulating, stirring, egging them on.

Months before, in mid-2014, Julius Malema, the firebrand leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters and the ex-leader of the ANC Youth League – a man moulded in the image of the ANC’s violent revolution even though he himself was not a “freedom fighter” (terrorist) himself, gave an address in parliament.  A white-hating anti-Capitalist, Malema spoke of what he claimed was the ANC’s “elite pact” that sought to protect “white minority capital” and “white privilege”.  He said: “This elite pact is reflected by the fact that the most prominent statue in this Parliament is a statue of Louis Botha, and the one of Nelson Mandela is very small and is hidden behind the statue of Louis Botha.  Louis Botha is not our hero and cannot be a hero of a democratic South Africa.  He is [that should be was, since he is long dead] a colonial warmonger, who fought for the exclusion of black and indigenous people from running their own country and affairs.  It is people like this who made white South Africans think they are superior and if we continue celebrating them, we are equally perpetuating white supremacy.  The statue of Botha outside this Parliament must go down, because it represents nothing of what a democratic South Africa stands for.”  He also said: “We must do away with self-hate and embrace who we are and what we stand for.  The time for the black majority to benefit from the natural, mineral and the beauty of their country is now and can never be postponed.”

And in April 2015, sure enough, the statue of Louis Botha outside parliament was defaced.

And when the Rhodes statue was removed, the EFF said in a statement welcoming the removal: “The EFF has long held the conviction that it is these monuments that continue to inspire white people to think they are superior and have the right to celebrate their murderous and racist past even 21 years after 1994.  Let all statues fall, together with their legacies of landlessness, racism and poverty.”

Oh, sure, the ANC’s chief whip, Stone Sizani, issued a statement saying that “the malicious damage of statues at certain locations in the cover of darkness signifies nothing but cowardice by those seeking to opportunistically piggyback on the publicity generated” by the campaign to remove the Rhodes statue at the University of Cape Town.  “There’s nothing courageous or heroic by peacetime ‘fighters’ or ‘revolutionaries’ who go around kicking doors that are already open and subverting due processes merely for media attention.”  All fine and well as far as it went, but the truth is that the ANC’s response to the defacing and damaging of statues was pathetic at best.  It was simply too little, too late.  There should have been a mass arrest of all those responsible, for some brazenly admitted that they had done these things.  But there was nothing of the sort.  For at heart, the ANC secretly supports the entire mad rush to destroy all monuments to white history in the country, and if it can appear to have clean hands while others do this dirty job, well, so much the better.  This is why the statement went on as follows: “The UCT students’ campaign was…significant within the context of a lack of transformation at the institution in the last 20 years.  The hooligans, some of whom have shamelessly come out to claim responsibility, are not driven by any rationality or substance, but by a lust for publicity and self-aggrandisement”.  This shows that the ANC condoned the removal of the Rhodes statue at UCT, but called the defacing or destroying of other statues hooliganism.

As for what the EFF said about white people not “having the right” to celebrate their history: white South Africans can and will celebrate their wonderful historical past which Malema so blindly and ignorantly called “murderous and racist”. This country would still be a barbaric wilderness if people from Holland and Britain had never come here. White people are not superior, as people, to any other people; but they will always celebrate the glorious achievements of their cultures, which in the providence of God were most definitely superior to any cultures in black Africa at the time when they arrived.  Facts are very stubborn things, and even if every statue to white historical figures is removed in the end, these facts will still be true.