Damaging Monuments to White South African History

Black “Selective Transformation”

This was not just about the Rhodes statue, of course.  Not by a long shot.  “Rhodes Must Fall wanted white professors replaced with black professors, white names replaced with black names, and an African university to stand where a European one once did.”  Hmm… yes.  Except that there was not a single university in all Africa before the European colonisation of the continent.  Not a single book existed in all southern Africa.  No written language.  No places of learning.  The whole concept of “higher education” came from Europe.  And black Africa only started to advance once the Europeans (often missionaries) reduced the languages to writing, and established schools, colleges and universities.  Prior to this, Africa was truly the Dark Continent, a place of savagery, ignorance, superstition and hideous witchcraft.

Before Colonialism, in fact, they would not even have had the proper paint with which to deface statues.  They should at least be honest, and walk to the statues – they should not use cars or buses as these are “white” inventions – and they should knock the statues down with assegais and knobkerries, not “western” tools.  To be consistent, they must discard all western clothing and wear nothing but animal-skin loincloths, quit speaking English, quit attending universities (there were none in black Africa before the white Colonialists came and built them), stop going to hospitals when ill and go rather to their witchdoctors (hospitals were unknown in black Africa before the white man came), and give up making use of cars, electricity, water on tap, cities, air-conditioning, plush furniture, fancy phones, computers, and every other trapping of European civilisation.  Otherwise, they just prove what hypocrites they are, for they shout and scream about “transformation”, but it is (very) selective transformation.  They don’t want to transform everything.  They want to retain all the good things which came to Africa via European civilisation.

Students as “Useful Idiots” of the Socialists/Marxists

When the Rhodes statue was finally lifted off its plinth and placed on a truck to be driven away to a place of safety, cheering students childishly (indeed they have shown that they are nothing but children) whipped the statue and covered it with red paint.  What brave warriors these were, whipping a lifeless statue.

Students everywhere in the world are the most ignorant of people (that’s why they are students – they are supposed to be getting a further education, the implication being that they do not yet have much of one).  After some years in the public school system, they emerge with their heads full of the notion that they have an education, and with conceited ideas of their own importance.  An 18- or 20-year-old student at a university is in truth nothing more than that: an 18- or 20-year-old.  He is just starting out in the world, he only left childhood behind very recently, and his knowledge of, well, anything – and especially of real history – is abysmal, to put it kindly.  Modern State education in South Africa (like most of the world these days) does not provide a child with any real understanding of history.  History is used by the Socialist/Marxist elites to indoctrinate children in what they want them to learn.  Children are human lab rats in a gigantic and horrible Socialist experiment to change the mindset, worldview, and ideology of the youth, moulding them in the mindset, worldview and ideology of Socialism/Marxism.  This has been admitted by members of the ruling elite themselves.  So to assume that when a young person reaches university, he or she has already received a decent education at school in things that really matter is to assume that which is simply not true.

Students have always been “useful idiots” for the Socialist/Marxist cause, precisely because they don’t know anything but are 100% convinced that they do.  Revolutionaries the world over stir up students to protest, to revolt, to shout and scream for this or that, to intimidate – and it works.  Normal, decent people are dead scared of mass student uprisings.  Images of large crowds of angry, yelling young people, often brandishing weapons, fill people with fear, and their knee-jerk reaction is to cave in to student demands.  Yet in truth, these student uprisings are nothing more than a tiny fraction of the population, whose actual clout would be extremely minimal if people thought about these things rationally.  But during such uprisings people don’t think rationally.  They panic – which is exactly what the revolutionaries want them to do.