An Example of Racial Hatred for Whites and Historical Distortion

An Example of Racial Hatred for Whites and Historical Distortion, PDF format

The purpose of these articles is to counter the deliberate re-writing of history with those stubborn things called facts, and that wonderful thing called truth.  “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20)

(I received the following email, evidently after the writer had read one of my news articles about what is happening to white South Africans.  The name at the top of the email was very English, although he is clearly a black man, and evidently lives in an African country somewhere although he did not say which one.  His attitude is that of many blacks throughout the world today – that white South Africans deserve all that is happening to them.  I have corrected the spelling errors).

Yes Cry for Africa.
Not because of the Black Africans… no but because of you sanctimonious whites.  It never fails to amaze me when I hear whites complain about conditions in African countries after the control has been turned over to blacks.  First of all, whites should never have gone there in the first place.  We had our own religions.  We had our own social structure.  We had been living here for thousands of years before we ever came in contact with the white man.  We were not heathens.  The white man is with his nuclear weapons.  I don’t know of any black cultures that nuked anybody, or that manufacture guns.  Yes guns, that the white man uses to flood the ghettoes and homelands of all blacks around the world, causing animosity between factions as he is doing in Africa and inciting wars in Iraq and other places strategic to his purpose.
And when that doesn’t work then they demonize us with lies like Aids and Ebola.
Oh and what about the hundreds of thousands of South Africans murdered by the Afrikaner Apartheid government.  The atrocities in the Congo, America, South America and so on and on.   And you say we are bad people.  Whites have been killing Africans for hundreds of years.  And now when it is turned on you, you cry foul.
Lying and stealing our history.  Claiming that the ancient Egyptians were Caucasian.  Whites spend enormous amounts of money concealing the truth that when all of Europe were barbarians, in Africa we had civilizations, libraries, universities.  History you envy so your scholars make claim to it.  The European, American and Asian cultures are all counterfeit copies of Black cultures.  We built the pyramids in Egypt, Nubia, North and South America, Asia.  Just look at the faces of the real sculptures.  The first written languages, the Martial Arts (Shang Dynasty)…
You would not have your Christian faith which by the way is stolen from African religion.  See: Horus and Jesus on google and the comparison… remember Horus lived 3000 years before the myth of Christ was invented by the Roman Piso.
Do your research before you make stupid statements about Africans.  Get out and let us get your smell off of us.

Let us analyze his statements.

1) “Yes Cry for Africa.  Not because of the Black Africans… no but because of you sanctimonious whites.”
No, we must cry for Africa because of what black Africans, steeped in Marxism, are doing to it.  In time a fact so obvious that it cannot be kept hidden, not even by the most determined efforts of historical revisionists, will become evident to all the world: that the coming of the Europeans to Africa was the very best thing that ever happened to it.  There are signs that many are already beginning to see and acknowledge it.  Prior to their arrival, Africa south of the Sahara (often referred to as “black Africa”) was steeped in witchcraft, internecine warfare, slavery, cannibalism in parts, with no written language, no schools, no hospitals, no roads, no infrastructure, no wheel even, and most tragic of all, the message of Christ had not been heard.  The Europeans brought all these things, and for a brief period, Africa advanced by leaps and bounds.  Then, foreign eastern Communists began to propagate their devilish lies across the continent, and anti-white hatred rose, and one by one the African countries achieved their “independence”.  And then Africa began to slide right back into the Dark Ages, to retreat from all its advances, back into that pre-colonial  era of darkness, superstition, and backwardness.  Africa is the world’s poorest continent, the world’s most violent continent, the world’s most disease-ridden continent, the world’s most backward continent.  Yes, we should cry for Africa.  But we should cry for it, because its hundreds of millions of people are ruled by corrupt, greedy, dictatorial African despots who are adept at milking their countries dry for their own benefit, but lack either the expertise or the will (or often, both) to enable their countries to advance and prosper.  They are experts at blaming the white man for everything that is wrong in Africa, when the truth is that Africa’s problems simply cannot be laid at the white man’s door.

2) “It never fails to amaze me when I hear whites complain about conditions in African countries after the control has been turned over to blacks.  First of all, whites should never have gone there in the first place.”
Like so many others, he evidently thinks that blacks simply sprung out of the soil of Africa.  They too, like the white Africans, are settlers in this continent.  Everyone, in fact, is a settler.  It has been so ever since the three sons of Noah came out of the ark, and their descendants began to disperse through the world.  From the mountains of Ararat men dispersed and settled, colonizing all the habitable places of the earth over time.  And moreover, that process of colonization and re-colonization has continued through the centuries, as people groups continued to put down roots, or move on again, for the past 4000 years.  When the white colonizers arrived in Africa, this was not something new: black colonizers had preceded them, often removing tribes and peoples who were here before them.  In South Africa, for example, the Bushmen or San people were here before either whites or blacks arrived, and they were killed by both.  Zulus, Xhosas, Afrikaners, English – all were settlers in their time, all were colonizers.  Black people did not spring from Africa’s soil, white people from Europe’s soil, and red people from America’s soil!  The fact is that these terms  – “white”, “black”, “brown”, “red”, “yellow”, etc. – do not denote anything more than the amount of melanin in one’s skin.  Blacks have a lot of it, whites don’t – but as the Bible says, God “hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth” (Acts 17:26).  We all descended from Adam, we are one blood, we are all human beings.
Furthermore, if whites should never have come to Africa, then blacks should never have gone to Europe.  It works both ways!  But there are black Europeans today in their multiplied thousands, just as there are white Africans.  The old cry heard throughout Africa as the “liberation movements” (terrorists) worked their evil work – “Africa for the Africans!” means what, exactly?  Who are “Africans”?  Anyone born in Africa is an African, anyone who has made Africa his home is an African.  Are the Indians, who live in South Africa, Africans?  Certainly they are.  Are the few remaining Bushmen Africans too?  Yes.  Hutus and Tutsis are both black, and therefore both “African” according to the cry, “Africa for the Africans”; and yet in 1994 the Hutus would have told you, with hate in their eyes, that the Tutsis were cockroaches, not Africans.  When Robert Mugabe, a Shona, massacred some 20 000 Ndebele in Zimbabwe in the 1980s, did he view them as being “Africans” in the same sense as his own Shona are Africans?  Evidently not, or he would not have massacred them.  Who, then, are “Africans”?  Clearly, in the minds of many tribes in this continent, “African” means themselves.  But in truth, there are Shona Africans, Ndebele Africans, Hutu Africans, Tutsi Africans, Bushman Africans, Zulu Africans… and yes, Afrikaner Africans, English Africans, Indian Africans.
And besides, whether this man feels whites should be here or not, the fact is, we are!  What would he like to see done about this?  One gets the feeling, reading his rantings, that he would have no objection to genocide.  And sadly, his is not an isolated opinion.