Obliterating the History of the Whites in South Africa

In all likelihood, not all of these proposed name changes will eventually be accepted. But the ANC has been very clever. They have deluged Durban residents with 181 proposed name changes. They knew there would be an outcry. But then, when they scale back somewhat, and only bring in, say, 100 name changes, or 130, it makes them look good. It makes it appear as if they “listened to the people”. In truth, however, they still will get their own way. They will scrap a few proposals, but keep the rest, and still “transform” Durban thereby. Yet they will do so in a way that looks (to the ignorant and uninformed) “democratic” and “consultative.”

And as things stand now, other places could soon follow. Will Cape Town, the world famous and beautiful Cape Town, eventually become iKapa? Will Johannesburg (named after another Afrikaner) become “Jozi” or “eGoli”? Will the entire country, in fact, oneday be renamed “Azania”? It is entirely conceivable, for there are many within the ruling party who want it.

There is only one good thing in all this. At least now, as SA’s cities deteriorate further and further under ANC mismanagement, becoming increasingly like all other Third World African slum-cities, the names of those whites who worked so hard, and accomplished so much, in SA will no longer be associated with the disasters which these cities have become, or are in the process of becoming, under black Marxist misrule. At least now, when people visit SA from foreign countries, they will see, on the street signs, the names of the very people who have brought such collapse and ruin to SA! And then they will look around, at the filth in the streets, the crime and grime, the traffic lights that don’t work, the poor starving street children on almost every corner, the prostitutes and pimps, and all of this will be associated with the names of the ANC’s “heroes” on the street signs. They deserve it. The men who, once upon a time, built SA into the great country it was, and the English and Afrikaner peoples they represented, do not deserve to have their names associated with this degradation and mismanagement.

In the city of Standerton, on direct orders of the ANC mayor, the Great Trek Memorial Stone was destroyed. This monument celebrated the 150th commemoration of the Great Trek, a pivotal event in Afrikaner and indeed South African history, when Afrikaners trekked away from the British-ruled Cape to establish themselves in new territory, and thereby contributed immensely to the opening up of the interior of South Africa and the coming of Western civilization to this barbaric part of the world.

No wonder, then, that the ANC hated the monument! At every turn, these black Marxists are faced with the evidences of the wonderful achievements of the English and Afrikaners in South Africa – and it fills them with envy. They well know that nothing they have done equals or excels such achievements. And this envy leads to anger and hatred. They cannot stand these reminders of achievement and excellence.

The mayor, a black woman named Queen Radebe-Khumalo, gave the order for the Memorial Stone’s destruction. It consisted of a granite stone with tracks in cement on it, commemorating the Great Trek. Her words were, “That piece of thing means nothing to us. It is only a piece of cement with tracks on it. I don’t even know where it comes from” (Freedom Front Newsletter 101, dalien@vf.co.za). This reveals not only her hatred for Afrikaner history, but also her ignorance of history. She should stop viewing history merely through the ANC’s lenses, and she might learn something. Fat chance of that happening.

On a national level, the ANC only reacted to the destruction after the Freedom Front Plus, an Afrikaner political party, criticised the ANC’s national leadership over their silence. Smuts Ngonyama, the ANC’s chief spokesman, said in a statement that the ANC would be investigating the incident, “because the ANC is not here to destroy anyone’s history” (Freedom Front Newsletter 101). If this were true, then the Memorial Stone would not have been destroyed on the orders of an ANC mayor! But the real truth lies in the fact that the ANC is interested in preserving only the history of its own people, and of its Marxist terrorist campaign against the previous white government of SA. In true Communist fashion, they use doublespeak, saying one thing for public consumption but quite another thing to their own followers and comrades.

Dr Pieter Mulder, the Freedom Front Plus leader, said correctly: “President Mbeki and the ANC leadership’s silence, following the destruction of the Memorial Stone in Standerton, was seen by the Afrikaner community as passive approval of the actions. If these kinds of actions are not condemned by leaders on a national level, such as President Mbeki, it could lead to reciprocal damaging of communities’ cultural goods. It will be destructive for relations in South Africa.” Precisely. This deliberate destruction of the history, and the monuments to that history, of white South Africans, is only going to breed bitterness, resentment, and eventually – rebellion. It is always so. Instead of making SA a country where all its citizens feel at home, the ANC is concentrating solely on the black nations, and doing all it can to obliterate the two white nations. It is accomplishing this through the marginalisation of whites in the workplace and in every other sphere, the destruction of all records of their great history, and the deliberate genocide of their farmers.

The Freedom Front Plus also lodged a complaint with the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Language Communities about the destruction of the memorial. “Irrespective of the reaction of the ANC, the FF Plus is continuing with its complaint. We are convinced that the Mayor of Standerton and the provincial ANC have contravened the Constitution with the order to destroy the Great Trek Memorial Stone,” said Mulder. To date, the FF Plus is disappointed with the way in which the Commission has undertaken its duties. It is their work to protect communities’ language and cultural goods.

It is not surprising that the Commission, appointed as it was under the ANC, is, like so much else emanating from the ANC, an organisation that operates according to double standards. All these high-sounding commissions, all these pieces of constitutional legislation, look very good on paper, and give the impression to the outside world that the ANC is committed to a constitutional democracy, the rule of law, the equal and fair treatment of all citizens, etc., etc. But the reality on the ground is far, far different. Even if the Commission actually does something about this mayor and her destruction of a monument to Afrikaner history, no one should be fooled into believing that the ANC is really committed to such ideals. They may indeed act this time, merely because there has been some focus on this and that is potentially embarrassing to them. But if so they will act reluctantly, and only because they want to save face. They do not have the interests of Afrikaners or English South Africans at heart, and they will continue with their insidious campaign to obliterate the history of the two white nations in SA.