Obliterating the History of the Whites in South Africa

With the Zulus, it may have already started. After these name changes were proposed, thousands of Zulu protesters, wielding sticks, ran through Durban’s city centre, upending dustbins as they went, and causing minor damage. One protester fired shots into the air. Shops were looted. By early afternoon about 10 000 protesters had converged at the city hall. One of the placards read: “Stop naming our streets after your girlfriends!” Another read: “We All Have Our Heroes.” And another: “Who Are These People?” On the same day, Zulu protesters barricaded the Mangosuthu Highway with dustbins and burning tyres. Traffic lights were smashed.

And then there are the proposals for certain streets and roads to be named after Communist revolutionaries and terrorists from other countries as well!

The proposed new name for Kensington Drive, in Durban North, is Fidel Castro Street! Yes – named after the ANC’s big buddy and fellow-Communist, the brutal dictator of Cuba.

Northway, in Durban North, could soon become Kwame Nkrumah Road, named after the brutal first president of Ghana after its independence.

Somtseu Road, it is proposed, should be renamed after Kenneth Kaunda, the Marxist president of Zambia who destroyed his own country, reducing it to ruin in every possible way.

The Higginson Highway may be renamed after no other than Yasser Arafat, the Muslim terrorist leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, one of the ANC’s great allies during their revolution.

Warwick Avenue, in Greyville, may be renamed after Julius Nyerere, the Marxist president of Tanzania whose foolhardy policies reduced that country to utter ruin.

And Moore Road, in Glenwood, could be renamed after Che Guevara, Fidel’s big buddy and a revolutionary thug.

Broadway could become Swapo Road. Swapo is the acronym for the South West African Peoples’ Organisation, the equivalent in South West Africa (now Namibia) of the ANC in South Africa. Swapo conducted its own terror campaign in South West Africa, until the United Nations saw to it that it became the new government of Namibia.

The choice of street names is “a rogue’s gallery of Third World revolutionaries” indeed, in the words of Tony Leon. And the ANC tells the world that SA is a democracy? What a joke. What we are witnessing daily is the sheer arrogance of the ANC, which knows it is in power for many years to come and which loves to throw its weight around, doing what it pleases when it pleases regardless of the consequences. SA is a typical Marxist country now, honouring not only its own terrorist “heroes”, but those of such countries as Cuba, Namibia, and Ghana. White South Africans would never have imagined it possible, back in the 1980s or even the early 1990s, that the day would ever arrive when men such as Castro, Arafat, Biko, Hani, Mandela, etc., the enemies of South Africa and of everything the West stood for, would be honoured in the cities they built. But it has come to pass. The Communist revolution succeeded, not by winning a war, but by treachery, duplicity, and cunning.