Obliterating the History of the Whites in South Africa

Durban’s notorious Point Road, for decades a centre for prostitution and drugs, has been renamed Mahatma Gandhi Street. This has incensed many Indian residents of Durban, saying Gandhi’s name should not be associated with the most notorious road in the city.

The proposed new name for the Durban Metro police headquarters is Umkhonto weSizwe Building. Umkhonto weSizwe, known as MK, was the name of the ANC’s vicious armed wing during the years of its revolutionary terror campaign. It was the precise equivalent of the PLO, or the IRA. It was responsible for terrible terrorist atrocities throughout the country. For decades, conservative, anti-Communist South Africans warred against this evil organisation. But of course, the ANC is in power now, and MK was incorporated into the SA Defence Force. The Defence Force today, in fact, is MK, for all practical purposes.

Church Street, in the Durban CBD, could soon be renamed after Steve Biko, the Black Consciousness leader who died in prison. Another road that may bear his name is Umgeni Road. Or possibly the Botanic Gardens Road. Field Street could be renamed after Joe Slovo, a sinister leading light in the ANC before his death, believed to have been a KGB colonel. Old Fort Road may be named after the late Chris Hani, the leader of the SA Communist Party, a terrorist leader. Or otherwise, he might get North Coast Road, Parkhill, named after him, or even West Street, a major CBD street.

Smith Street, one of Durban’s most important central streets, may be renamed M.A. Adelaide Tambo Street. She was the wife of the ANC’s Oliver Tambo. Another road which may bear her name is Currie Road, Musgrave. The proposed change for Musgrave Road is to Walter Sisulu, one of the top ANC leaders and a fellow-terrorist with Nelson Mandela. And the famous Marine Parade may be renamed O.R. Tambo Marine Parade.

NMR Avenue (named after the Natal Mounted Rifles) has already been changed to Masabalala Yengwa Avenue.

The proposed new name for the Jan Smuts Highway, Dawncliffe (Smuts was one of SA’s Afrikaner prime ministers, and a world political figure in his time), is Denis Hurley Highway. Hurley was a Roman Catholic archbishop, based in Durban, and one of the top “liberation theologians” (“Catholic-Communists”) who used his considerable influence to throw support behind the ANC during its revolutionary campaign. It is also possible that Queen Street might be named after him instead.

Another leading “liberation theologian” was Beyers Naude – and Umhlanga Rocks Drive might be renamed after him.

Old Main Road, Hillcrest, could soon be renamed after Govan Mbeki, a terrorist comrade of Nelson Mandela and the father of SA’s present president, Thabo Mbeki. And the Durban City Hall, it is proposed, should be renamed the Madiba Building, after the name by which Nelson Mandela is well known.

Then too, there is the plan to rename Edwin Swales VC Drive after one Solomon Mahlangu. Who was Edwin Swales? Was he a Nazi-like white racist, as the ANC loves to portray all whites, past and present, in this country? No. He was white, yes, and he was one of only three South Africans to be awarded the Victoria Cross in World War Two, a war fought against Nazism. But the recognition given to white South Africans is the very thing the ANC wants to wipe out.

A somewhat amusing name change, providing a bit of comic relief in the midst of all this, is that proposed for Cowey Road. The proposed new name is Problem Mkhize Road. Mkhize was a former MK commander. In SA, people understand that many blacks are given such names at birth, often according to something that happened during or shortly after the birth, and the man could not help having the name his parents gave him; but to any foreigner, unaware of this, a road named “Problem Mkhize” will be extremely amusing – and bewildering.