Do White South Africans Deserve to be Raped and Murdered?

But this was not the case in African societies. In these there was no restraint, other than the whims of tyrant chiefs or kings at any given time. And now, with Protestant European influence having receded or been completely removed across the continent, much of Africa has again descended into pre-colonial barbarism. South Africa is now following suit. The holocaust of rape and murder bears sufficient testimony to that.

Many white South Africans have been cowed into accepting the notion of so-called “white guilt” for apartheid, walking around with their tails between their legs for alleged “crimes” which the vast majority did not commit. This is nonsense. I, for one (and I know multitudes join me), never cease to marvel at the astounding accomplishments of the two white tribes of South Africa, the English and the Afrikaners, who brought progress, prosperity, and a measure of peace to this corner of the Dark Continent; whose skills and work ethic (the legacy of Protestantism), in the words of South African poet Chas Lotter, “woke a continent and thrust it into tomorrow”; and who, within a few short generations, turned an African wilderness into the greatest, richest, most advanced, most powerful country in Africa, and one of the leading countries on earth.

The ANC, through revolution and bloodshed, took control of this jewel of a country. And as fast as they can, they are taking this country backwards to barbarism and chaos, in the name of “liberating” it from the “legacy of colonialism” and the “legacy of apartheid.” And everyone – blacks no less than whites – will reap the results for decades to come. How utterly foolish and tragic. And yet, how utterly typical of Africa after the demise of white rule.

25th August 2004

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