Do White South Africans Deserve to be Raped and Murdered?

In the 44 years from 1950 to 1993 (the apartheid years for the most part), there was an average of 7036 murders per year. But under ANC rule, Interpol statistics place the murder rate as averaging 47882 per year!

It’s interesting, isn’t it, that under white rule, the black population exploded. But under black rule, the white population is shrinking fast. The ones who can are emigrating in droves, being deliberately forced out by racist black governments. The ones who can’t emigrate are being murdered at alarming rates.

The woman who wrote to me said she does not have an ounce of sympathy for the whites being murdered by blacks in South Africa, because (to her mind) they deserve it for what she thinks they did to blacks. I would ask her these questions:

  • My little daughter is four years old at the time of writing. She was born at the end of 1999, over five years after Nelson Mandela became president. Apartheid, as a policy, had been dead for almost a decade already when she entered the world. Is she responsible for the policy of apartheid? Does she deserve to be raped, or murdered, as is happening to increasing numbers of precious little children, just because she is white? Take, for example, the brutal murder of a one-year-old white child, Kayla, last year. Kayla’s mother was raped, and was pleading for the life of her little girl while being forced to watch her child being beaten to a pulp by three black men, who then executed Kayla by shooting her in the head. They also executed the mother and grandmother. Did Kayla deserve this because she was white? Would the woman who wrote to me have no ounce of sympathy, no ounce of womanly feelings, for that little one-year-old girl?
  • If a white farmer is, say, thirty years old now, then he was a young teenager when apartheid as a policy came to an end. Does he deserve to be murdered, do his wife and children deserve to be murdered, for being white? Did they, at that young age, “torture and oppress” blacks?
  • But even if a white farmer, or any other white man or woman for that matter, was an adult during the time when apartheid was the policy, does that mean they deserve to die? Did all whites “torture and oppress” blacks? No, the overwhelming majority did not. White people and black people went about their daily lives, as people do the world over. There was no systematic attempt to wipe out black people! There was no holocaust! There was no genocide! Whites did not participate, en masse, in the torture, oppression, or extermination of blacks!
  • In fact, the fundamental question here is: does anyone deserve to be brutally murdered at all? Is murder ever justified? This woman implies that all whites deserve to be murdered and raped and exterminated. What a shocking thing to imply!

There is simply no hope for South Africa apart from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That blessed Gospel, which was brought to this part of the world at such great cost by white missionaries long ago, and embraced by many black people, their lives transformed by the One who came to save sinners – that Gospel needs to be heard, again, across the length and breadth of this land! Not the miserable counterfeit “gospel” so prevalent in “churches” today, but the true, glorious Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in God’s Son. The poor woman who wrote to me with such hatred does not understand the truth: that all men and women are sinners, regardless of skin colour or national origin. The Bible says, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked” (Jer.17:9). The total depravity of all mankind by nature results in shocking things being done by men to their fellow men. There were whites who did appalling things to blacks, and still are; none can deny it. But there were blacks who did appalling things to blacks, and there still are. Such is the depravity of man. Africa was a place of oppression, torture and bloodshed long before the European powers colonized it; and now, long after colonialism ended, it is such a place again. In fact, for the comparatively brief period of history when Protestant Europeans, particularly from Britain, were in charge in Africa, people were generally more moral, decent, etc. For they were greatly influenced by the Gospel. Were all Europeans true Christians? Certainly not! The majority, in fact, were not. But the influence of biblical Christianity had so permeated society, that much of the wickedness experienced in other societies was restrained, even when the hearts of men were not changed.