April 2020: The Ongoing Global Power Grab

  Just being alive contains risks.  Every single day we all take risks.  In some places just getting out of bed can be risky.  Go to work in your car and you risk serious injury or death on the roads.  Go out fishing on a weekend and you risk injury.  Why do you do these things if they can be risky?  You do them because you are willing to take the risk so as to live.  People think security is all-important.  It is not.  Freedom is a far more precious commodity than security.

Is This the End of Freedom and the Beginning of Slavery?

  I do not know.  It is one of two things, however: “The entire globalist agenda may be fulfilled with just this one fake flu event.  The economic destruction will be blamed on the coronavirus, and not the Fed, the banking system, and the political class that caused it.  Even if the full takeover of society is not complete at this time, all the control measures to keep the entire population in line will have been put into place and will remain in place.  At any and every opportunity, another threat can be created, and the state will have all the tools available to reign [sic] in the public sector, and mandate behavior.  This is called serfdom”.[29]

  As I said, it is one of two things.  Either this is it – this is the Big One, the thing the globalists use to take control of the world; or (as I believe more likely) this is a practice run.  The tools are indeed now in place, and they will not be removed when this is over.  We will have far less freedom than the little we had before.  And at any time in the future the screws can tighten again. 

  Only the next time, it will be even worse.

April 2020

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