April 2020: The Ongoing Global Power Grab

  “We are now entering a period of financial crisis that will change the world for a long time – possibly decades…. the global financial system is now collapsing in the mother of all financial crises.  As in every financial crisis or panic, the US Fed and central banks all over the world are responding by printing trillions of dollars of new liquidity in just the past few weeks….. The trillions in new liquidity are not stopping the panic – it is like pushing on a string, but, if continued, the printing of tens of trillions out of thin air could trigger a giant hyperinflation.  The last time this happened was October 1929 – Panic is now spreading (almost overnight) all over the world.  In 1929, it took three years for the stock market to drop 90%.  With today’s insane leverage, it could happen much faster – a 90% decline in a year or so is very possible…”[25]

  In South Africa the government declared it illegal to disseminate what it deemed to be “fake news” about the coronavirus, i.e. any news not approved by the government itself: “in a move that made international headlines, [South Africa’s] government promulgated its first criminal prohibition on fake news.  In short, any person who publishes any statement with the intention to deceive any other person about Covid-19, a person’s infectious status or government measures to address Covid-19 commits an offence.”  But this government action was in itself criminal,[26] for it eliminated freedom of expression and information in a single stroke.  This is extremely dangerous, for “a law that allows those in power to silence critics or those with unpopular opinions, is ripe for abuse”.[27]  Yet so frightened was society in general that there was only a very muted response to this blatant abuse of power. 

  But the even greater danger lies in this: if the government can do this once, it can do it again.  And again and again.  Having removed the freedoms of the citizens, will they ever be restored to what they were before?  Unlikely.  The awesome powers the State has granted to itself will be worth retaining as far as the State is concerned.  And so freedom is eroded piece by piece, and like the proverbial frog in a slowly boiling pan, the people just accept the new state of things as now the new norm.  They shrug and move on.

  As things stand now, Red China – and Russia – are likely to emerge even stronger than before through this global panic.  Russia, by over-producing cheap oil, is driving American oil producers out of business.  It will dominate the oil markets on the other side of the coronavirus panic, which will enable it to exert massive pressure on Europe.  China, meanwhile, will control much more of the stock market, and will be able to hold the West to ransom as never before, since it produces so much of what the West relies on. 

What to Do, Personally

 * Have cash on hand.  Not only for your day to day needs, but because banks are going to be in huge trouble (many already are) and there could be massive bank runs.  ATMs could easily be frozen.  Have enough cash in hand to last a few months if possible.

 * Get out of the stock market. 

 * If possible, convert a portion of any savings you have into physical gold.  Gold has always been the ultimate safe haven, and will continue to rise as it has been doing, in this time of world crisis.  With a physical gold shortage developing rapidly, gold will rise in value.

 * Have stocks of food, water and other essentials on hand.  This should have been done even before this present crisis hit, but better late than never – buy whatever you can and store it.

 * You may not be able to move around now, but when (if) this is over, get out of cities if you possibly can.  They have always been far more dangerous than small towns, and will be even more so from now on.

This Lockdown was Unnecessary

  This complete shutdown of all normal life and activity was unnecessary, it will prove futile, and it is draconian in the extreme.  No elected government has the legal authority to bring daily life of all the citizens to a complete standstill, just because they decide to!  This is not what the citizens elect them to do.  They are to be civil servants, answerable to those who elected them and who pay their salaries.  They were not elected to confine us all to our homes under what amounts to a virtual house arrest.  They were not elected so that they can tell us whether or not we may go to the shops, to a park, to the beach, or anywhere else. 

  Mankind has faced viruses, plagues, pestilences, diseases, wars and depressions many times in its history – and yet the people still went to work, and went about their daily lives!  The world doesn’t stop spinning when a small proportion of the population gets sick.  Life has to go on.  What governments are now doing, they can do again and again in the future.  Are the citizens of all the world’s countries going to be shut up in their houses every time a disease comes along?  If that’s the case, mankind is in big, big trouble. 

  The following is a very apt: “There are calculated risks in all activities.  We can outlaw motorcycles and we will save lives.  We can outlaw automobiles and save even more lives.  We can all stay indoors and save even more lives.  But life is not worth living if every activity is safe and we don’t have the freedom to dream, to dare, to take risks and conquer our fears.”[28]

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