April 2020: The Ongoing Global Power Grab

  “A few hours before the lockdown came into effect, [President] Ramaphosa addressed SANDF troops…. ‘Go out and have the best of missions,’ he told them.  ‘This is a mercy mission…’  How much better it would have been if those words had been directed at doctors, nurses and emergency workers – and not soldiers.  As it is, Ramaphosa did himself no favours by turning up in camouflage.”[8]

  Ramaphosa told the soldiers: “There are those who will want to take chances.  Nudge them in the right direction.  Tell them they are challenging the state, they are challenging the president.”[9]  These are the words of a dictator.  And this being Africa, incidents of brutality on the part of the military showed up almost immediately, as soldiers went out and – in obedience to Ramaphosa – “nudged” the people, Africa-style:

  “Only a few days into the lockdown… far too many members of the police, military and other law enforcement agencies have seized upon the lack of proper oversight over their actions to unleash a wave of terror in communities throughout the country.  Mere hours after the lockdown came into effect on 27 March, videos started circulating on social media showing heavily armed soldiers and police frogmarching and forcing civilians to do push-ups.  This quickly escalated into security forces beating up and assaulting people in the street.  Next, video recordings showed police pointing guns at people even while they were inside their own yards.”  “Security forces have already abused hundreds and allegedly murdered at least one person just four days into the lockdown, and this situation could spiral out of control before the end of the 21-day period.”[10]

  “On Tuesday [31st March], the amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism published an important account of how police officers were using sjamboks [whips] and force to keep people inside.  Essentially, they were using physical violence to keep people off the streets.  So far, the response from the government does not give the impression that officials are particularly concerned about this…. On Tuesday morning, spokesman for the SANDF [Defence Force], Siphiwe Dlamini, first appeared to give the impression that this was not a serious issue.  Interviewed on SAfm, he was asked if the law allowed soldiers to force citizens to perform exercises.  He seemed to laugh, before saying he did not know [he’s the Defence Force spokesman! – S.W.].  The answer, of course, is obvious.  Soldiers do not have the right, the power or the privilege to do this.”…

  “Unfortunately, from that interview, it appears Dlamini gave the impression that the law does not matter, but Twitter does.  He said the fact that many people on Twitter (and no doubt, talk radio) approved of the soldiers’ actions justified what they had done.”[11]  What?  If we now live in a world where the government governs according to Twitter, we are in far more of a black hole than anything the coronavirus could possibly do to us.

  At the same time, the ANC government saw a golden opportunity to continue with its radical anti-white policy, by stating that it would provide financial relief only to black-owned businesses affected by the virus!  AfriForum, a civil rights organisation, condemned this blatant discrimination against a portion of the South African population.  Kallie Kriel, AfriForum’s CEO, correctly branded the government’s attempt to use the coronavirus outbreak to reward discrimination against minorities as racist and immoral.  He said, “The government’s continued attack on white people and businesses in the country in these uncertain times is unacceptable.  The President continuously states that everyone in the country should stand together to fight against the virus.  Yet now the ANC Government wants to abuse the virus to fight against white people.  AfriForum will oppose this racist policy with all our might.”[12]

  Indeed so.  Ramaphosa and his cabinet insist that all South Africans must work together to overcome the virus, yet his government punishes white South Africans by essentially denying them financial relief, brought about by the government’s misguided policy of locking down the entire country.  And yet the SA constitution claims all citizens are equal.  The ANC constantly whines on and on about the apartheid policy which discriminated against blacks, but constantly enforces its own apartheid policy of racial discrimination in reverse.

  Kriel said: “All the companies that are impacted by this pandemic contribute to the economy and create employment – directly or indirectly – in a country where it is desperately needed.  Need doesn’t discriminate, and neither should government.”[13]  But of course, this is a Communist government comprised of black Marxists and ex-terrorists, so this is not surprising.

Freedom of Religion Threatened in Various Places (Along with All Other Freedoms)

  As the world ground to a halt, freedoms disappeared.  Freedom of association was destroyed, and freedom of movement.  Media freedom disappeared in places where governments ordered their people to only propagate what the government said about the virus, nothing else.  And religious freedom is under grave threat as well – a particular danger for Christians.

  For example, in South Africa religious services have been banned.  In the US the mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, said that if religious organisations do not stop holding services during the coronavirus “pandemic”, he may force them to close – “permanently”.[14]  As for China itself, where all this started, the authorities banned all online preaching, and ordered all home worship meetings to be “eradicated.”[15]

  It is obvious that churches are being deliberately targeted in various parts of the world.

Greens and Reds Love the Virus

  There are radical Greens out there who are evil enough to hope that the coronavirus will kill off many people, thereby “saving Planet Earth”.  This is the extreme to which radical environmentalists gravitate because of their ideology.

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