April 2020: The Ongoing Global Power Grab

Apr 2020 – The Ongoing Global Power Grab, PDF format

Was the Virus Created to Destroy Trump?  No, But They’ll Use It

  Let’s just lay to rest this fool theory that the coronavirus was created to bring down Donald Trump.  Such a theory is based on the myth that Trump (and by extension, the Trump Administration) is the single greatest threat to world Communism in existence.  That bubble needs to be pricked.  He isn’t.  America is not good, moral, anti-Communist, or “Christian”, as so many Americans (and others) fondly imagine.  Its government is a swamp of evil, involved in some very, very bad stuff all over the world.  People in many other countries (and this writer is one of them) have experienced what the US government did to their own countries, in actually supporting Communist terror groups to come to power.  It sold out Rhodesia and South Africa to Communism, Iran to Islamic fanaticism, and many other countries.  There are no grounds for any simplistic “America good, China bad” attitude. 

  There is much more to the world than America and its president.  He is not a messiah, he is not a knight in shining armour who is going to save the world.  And although it may be difficult for many Americans and others worldwide to believe, the world doesn’t actually revolve around America.  America is a superpower, but it’s certainly not the only one. 

  President Trump appears to be trying hard in many ways, and is actually doing a whole lot of good things for America.  He is very smart in some ways – but sadly also very foolish and blind in others: for example, he is led by the nose by a female Charismatic heretic (Paula White) who whispers lies and unbiblical nonsense in his ear; his vice-president is what is known as an “evangelical Roman Catholic” (a contradiction in terms); and he is surrounded by very deceitful, dishonest people who will stop at nothing to accomplish their objectives. 

  Having said that, however, there can be no doubt that  the liberals and Communists in America are using the coronavirus panic to weaken Trump in his own country, their hope being that he will not last his term or, if he does, that he will not be re-elected.  The virus was not released with the purpose of bringing down Trump, but the liberals, Socialists and Marxists do not let a crisis go to waste, and they were quick to see the mileage they could get out of this:

  “Trump was sucker punched with this pandemic, thrown a curve ball by the leftist mainstream media and the Democrat Party, who demanded that he take action to prevent this disease and find a Coronavirus vaccine.  At first, President Trump advised calm, rightly pointing out that the common flu in America averages between 27,000 and 70,000 deaths annually.  However, it was too late for calm and rational thinking.  The leftist mainstream media had already caused a public frenzy…. Realizing that this tidal wave of hysteria and panic over Coronavirus could not be stopped, President Trump took swift action and created the Coronavirus Task Force and declared a national emergency on March 13, 2020.”[1]  Even though what Trump did was unnecessary from a health standpoint, it made him look like he was dealing with the issue, and the Communists’ plan to weaken him backfired.

  But the one-worlders are not giving up in seeking to use the virus panic to weaken or destroy Trump.  For example, an anti-Trump article was recently published in Foreign Affairs.[2]  This is the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which is sometimes called “America’s Secret Government”, and for good reason.  The CFR is a branch of the internationalist Illuminati, which in turn is manipulated, from even deeper in the shadows, by the Jesuit Order. 

Using the Panic to Push for World Government

  As stated in my previous article, the Jesuit/Illuminati/Globalist forces are making use of this worldwide panic to push for world government, or for various facets of their agenda to reach this goal ultimately.  This virus is an engineered event, and is being used either to cause the present world order to collapse so that a new world order can be created, or for a practice run for such a collapse at a later stage.  Time will tell which one it is.  What is certain is that markets are collapsing, and financial instability and panic is spreading very rapidly across the earth.

  Their agenda is simple, and can be summed up in these few words: Order out of chaos.  This is how the Jesuit/Illuminati/Globalist forces have always operated.  In order to refashion the world in their own image, they first create chaos via a manufactured “crisis”, then they step in to “fix” it – and the world, panic-stricken because of the chaos, welcomes their solutions with open arms.  Although their solutions always involve the erosion of freedoms and the growth of State power, authority and control, the frightened masses don’t care.  When there is a real or perceived crisis, they willingly accept centralised State control over their lives in everything.

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