The Cry for Barabbas!

The Cry for Barabbas, PDF format


by Shaun Willcock

This article was first published in 1990.  The author, a Briton, understood the true situation in South Africa far better than most people in Britain or the rest of the western world, and sought, via his writings, to warn Protestants about what was happening.  Always keenly interested in my own reports about what was happening in South Africa, some of which he republished in his own magazine, he also kindly agreed to write the foreword for my book, “Holy War” Against South Africa.  We are re-publishing this excellent article because it is a record of the truth, and deserves to be made as widely-known as possible.  How true the saying, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”  Peter Trumper did what he could to awaken Protestants to what was happening in South Africa in those turbulent years before the African National Congress of Nelson Mandela took power.  He was valiant for the truth in an age of cowardice and compromise, and I received the news of his passing away in 2015 with great sadness.  May the Lord raise up many like him!


They are attempting to destroy World Protestantism: first Rhodesia, and then Britain with Northern Ireland – and now South Africa.  The release of Nelson Mandela is part of the process.

Like vultures yearning for a good feed as they hover over a dying traveller, the men of the cloth appear unusually interested in events in South Africa.  The politicians and the black people may have a legitimate interest in the deep-rooted apartheid problem, but what about the clergy?  Can they all place their hands upon the heart and testify to their profound desire to assist the black man in his plight?  After all, Christian people are suffering far worse situations in Communist countries, but these same men are dumb when it amounts to the support of their supposed brethren and sisters.

My thesis is that the World Council of Churches with its grubby offshoots, the ecumenical movement, the liberation theology men, the ban-the-bomb-and-bible groups, together with the usual scruffy rent-a-riot agencies are eagerly riding the waves crashing on to the South African shores.  Never far away is popery.  All of them see this confrontation as a useful fulcrum to lever up the Protestant foundation established in South Africa by Dutch and Huguenot Christians.  They have discovered a way of destroying world Protestantism laid down by our godly forbears.

The trick is simple and effective.  First they pick a “good cause”, then they get media backing (mainly RC influenced) to supply massive publicity for that cause.  This in turn awakens public interest and stirs international “conscience” and the pulling of global heart-strings.  Finally, they trust that with this ingredient the aim will be achieved: three things.  First, the erasing of biblical and Protestant influence, secondly the establishing of papal, or at the very least semi-papal leadership and thirdly to aid them in their plans, a Marxist element.

Remember Rhodesia.  The “good cause” in 1965 was the overthrow of Ian Smith’s determination to have a country following in the footsteps of South Africa.  On the 11 November of that year, Rhodesia’s government seized independence, because it could see the political and religious dangers surrounding it in the black-controlled lands.  Once again a bandwagon started rolling.  The publicity swept the world with Smith’s name dragged through the mud.  The feuding went on for years, then on the 29 May 1979 a man of the cloth, Bishop Muzorewa was made President with the help of the British.  However, he did not last long.  In March the following year Rhodesia with its British Protestant background was erased.  Zimbabwe came into being, and who still leads the country?  Mr Robert Mugabe, a Roman Catholic Marxist!

What of Northern Ireland?  The present troubles began innocently enough, at least as far as the casual onlooker was concerned.  The “good cause” was the supposed oppression of the Catholic minority.  How we were taken in!  In 1969 there were marches in the streets demanding civil rights led by the papist John Hume.  In the crowds were recognizable Irish Republic Army (I.R.A.) supporters.  What laughter must have been heard in their ranks when the British government sent in the troops to protect the poor “down-trodden” Roman Catholics.  The priests wept and pleaded for their flocks and the trick worked.  Eighteen years later the Anglo-Irish Agreement was signed with papal Dublin aiding the governing of Protestant Northern Ireland.  Simple!