No, the Coronavirus is Not a Judgment-Plague from God

The Real Divine Judgment: a Spirit of Blindness, Stupidity, Fear and Servitude

  However, although the virus itself is not a judgment from God in the sense of being a catastrophic plague which is carrying off vast numbers into their graves, we do see the judgment of God on nations as the effect of this virus.  That is to say, God’s judgment is to be seen not in the disease itself, which is no worse than so many other diseases in the world, but rather in what the Lord has allowed to befall mankind as a consequence of its inordinate fear of this virus! 

  The Bible tells us how God gives men up to judgment.  For example, Rom. 1:24 says that because of men’s sins, “God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts”; v.26 says “God gave them up unto vile affections”; and v.28 says, “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind”.  Again, in Acts 7:42 it says that because of men’s sins, “God turned, and gave them up to worship the host of heaven”.  The sovereign Lord does this by withdrawing the restraints of His providence from men, leaving them to act according to their sinful natures, and giving them up to judicial hardness or blindness, as a just punishment for their sins.

  In the case of the present coronavirus, God has given up the nations of the world to a spirit of blindness, stupidity, fear and servitude.  They have become so indoctrinated, so Socialistic in their very attitudes and outlooks, so dependent on their rulers, so accepting of their lies as if they are truth, that they are rushing headlong to bring about their own slavery to those seeking absolute world control.  This is the true divine judgment upon the world at this time, and it is far, far worse than any physical illness from a virus. 

  And this is what faithful pastors of churches should be teaching their people!   

  Truly, that God has given the nations over to such a spirit of blindness, stupidity, fear and servitude is breathtaking to behold!  By means of this virus, not life-threatening to the vast majority of the world’s population, the sovereign Lord has pulled the rug from under man’s much-vaunted pride in himself.  He is shown to be a frightened, weak, silly, unthinking creature, being led by the nose by his masters, displaying no real wisdom at all, no bravery, not even any real common sense.

  We see the evidence of this in the way people walk around with masks on even in their own homes or cars, so afraid that the virus somewhere “out there” will get them (it’s one thing when masks are worn to obey a legal requirement, foolish though the law may be; it’s quite another thing when it is done voluntarily out of fear of the virus). 

  We see the evidence of it in how they have applauded the way their governments have imposed tyrannical decrees upon the citizenry, the actual creation of dictatorial police states, with vast powers to force the citizenry to keep in line, even overriding constitutions and other laws, removing at a stroke all media and religious freedom, etc.  Instead of applauding they should be appalled.  But no – like scared sheep they welcome the imposition of such oppressive, tyrannical powers as being “for our own good”.  Satan said “all that a man hath will he give for his life” (Job 2:4).  When it comes to the perception of danger, men will willingly and rapidly give up everything for the perception of safety and security. 

  We see the evidence of it in the fact that people are panicking whenever another person gets too close to them; even distancing themselves from their own loved ones, displaying no affection, no closeness.  Suddenly everyone is behaving as if every other person is a potential walking death sentence for all with whom he comes in contact. 

Weak, Pitiful Man

  Yes, what is a judgment from God in all this is the spirit of blindness, stupidity, fear and servitude which has fallen on men.  The Lord has stripped them of their idols, for their fear of a virus and their trust in Big Brother has driven them into their homes and shut down their beloved sports events, movie theatres, bars and nightclubs and restaurants.  People are running scared of a virus – even people in countries which once stood up to the real world threat of Nazism, or the real world threat of Communism and terrorism.  That bravery is no more.  Decades of Socialist propaganda have turned the people of most nations into weak, spineless creatures who believe their government really cares for them and wants to protect them, and that the government has the right to dole out to them as much, or as little, “freedom” as it sees fit to grant, like a parent ladling soup into a child’s bowl and saying, “You have enough for now.  Mommy knows best.”  Mommy does, but the State is not Mommy.

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