“International Burn a Koran Day”: The Christian Response

The first tactic is the least effective of all, at least in the west, because most western people are repulsed by Islam’s violence and its religious practices, and are not persuaded to voluntarily convert.  But the other three tactics are proving to be extremely effective, and unless non-Islamic governments act now, and act decisively, it will soon be too late for many of them.  It is vital for non-Islamic governments, particularly western governments (for Islam is particularly targeting western nations), to introduce legislation to severely curb immigration from Muslim countries into their own ones – they need to realise that this is nothing less than the creation of Muslim “fifth columns” which are operating to undermine their societies and eventually take control of them.  And it is just as vital to immediately take steps to rein in the aggressive, violent Muslim populations already within their countries.  Muslim people in western countries need to be told, in no uncertain terms, that unless they accept and obey the laws of the country in which they have been granted the privilege of citizenship, and integrate into society instead of holding onto the brutal laws and customs of seventh-century Arabia, they will be imprisoned or deported.  Unless western countries take such steps, many of them will be conquered by Islamic madmen within a couple of decades at most.  That is the reality.  It is happening already, in various European countries.  But alas, the west appears unlikely, at this stage, to take such measures.  Most western governments are leftist, Socialist, and lily-livered, so committed to the doctrine of “political correctness” that they will sit back and do nothing, too spineless to stand up to aggressive Islam.  And Islam knows it.

Seen in this light, then, U.S. General David Petraeus’ warning that “images of the burning of a Quran would undoubtedly be used by extremists in Afghanistan – and around the world – to inflame public opinion and incite violence”, is entirely the wrong response.  It reveals great ignorance about the very nature of Islam.  The west is constantly seeking to pacify the Islamic world, instead of standing up to its threats and intimidation.  The fact is, Muslims will commit violence against non-Muslims even if the non-Muslims do nothing. Yes, they will use something like a Koran-burning spectacle as an excuse to justify their acts of terror against innocent people, but even if no one ever again said or did anything “offensive” to Muslims, they would still commit acts of terror against innocent people.  Reason: Islam seeks world domination by violence.   It doesn’t attack people just because they burn Korans; it attacks them because they are not Muslims. If no one burned another Koran as long as the world lasts, Muslims would still use violence and terror against those who are not Muslims, because this is how Islam advances. Its Koran commands war and bloodshed against non-Muslims.  It is not an innocent, peaceful religion provoked into violent retaliation because of the actions of others – that is what it wants the world to believe, but it’s a lie; it has declared perpetual war on the non-Islamic world until the whole world submits to Allah, regardless of whether or not non-Muslims do anything “offensive” to Muslims!  So forget this idea that burning Korans will provoke Muslims to violent anger.  They don’t need provocation to be violent; violent is what the Islamic religion is by its very nature.